Repurpose Time: Your Guide to Reusing Your Glasshouse Fragrances Candle Jars


ICYMI, Glasshouse Fragrances just released a new line of candles and diffusers with new scents guaranteed to teleport us back to a time when literary greats like F. Scott Fitzgerald and T.S. Elliot and all the while feeling so clandestine by going to speakeasies.

Get the 1920s flapper vibe and get your jazz on with Glasshouse Fragrances’ The Humidor collection. The aroma from the three-piece scent range is honestly a time-travelling device suited for your home. If you were ever curious about what speakeasies or 1920s dance halls were like, then the Humidor collection with scents Scarlet Nights, After Hours, and Heavy Petal should be on your radar.

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Aside from the aroma therapy that Glasshouse Fragrances brings, you can bring the #aestheticvibes on with its gorgeous glass and ceramic jars! But what if you're done-zo and almost near the end of burning your candle wax? Well, you came to the right place because we can teach you the ways of repurposing!

Here are some tips you can use so you can be a responsible-and-upcycling babe, too, by repurposing these elegant jars in super easy steps!

A new way to reuse your jars

Candle vessels—glass or ceramic— are popular to reuse and repurpose to add a new homey feel to your apartment (and even your office desk). Could you honestly waste such chic-looking jars, especially the Glasshouse Fragrances ones? 

To start, fill up a deep fry pan or stainless pot with water and adjust the temperature to low heat. Place your jar in the middle of the pan and watch closely as the candle wax will begin to melt with enough warmth coming from the pot.

Have enough paper towels and a container ready on the side. Once the candle wax has melted into a clear liquid, carefully pour it onto a container. Wipe the inside of the vessel with paper towels. After that, it’s time to wash it with soap and leave it to dry.

Now the fun part—finding its new purpose in your house or office!

Your next beauty storage

Do you need a new stylish storage that would go well in your dresser? The glass jars could work as a container to hold your makeup brushes, cotton pads, q-tips and your other skincare and beauty essentials.

A handy desk organiser 

As Glasshouse Fragrances jars are wide and tall enough, your pens, scissors, a hole punch, and staples could fit in them. Place them near where you’d usually work so it’ll be accessible and you’ll be efficient as always.

If you’re a crafty one, ribbons, threads, and paint brushes will fit well in them, too.

A food storage

Yes, food! You can totally add food ingredients once you've washed these gorgeous jars properly. You can store your sugar, tea, spices, and other common cooking ingredients. we think the bigger jars can hold cookies, too!

A plant jar

If you’ve got a green thumb, reusing the GF jars as a plant pot can be your next project. Look for plants that don’t need drainage like a snake plant or succulents. Fill up the jar with soil and transfer your sapling onto it. And voila! You now got a very modern-slash-sophisticated plant jar you can display in your living room or bedroom.

If you’re afraid of overwatering your plants, you can totally add a drainage hole at the bottom and add a catch plate under. Just exercise precaution, okay?

Turn it into a classy vase

From Glasshouse Fragrances signature scent to another natural scent to add character to your home, the vessel and even the ceramic jars can be used as a vase to add fresh flowers to it. You can also use it as a centrepiece on your dinner table or coffee table.

Upcycling isn’t just a trend. It has become a lifestyle, too! Look around your house and see if there’s anything you can reuse and bring new life to your home even just through small pieces. You’ll lessen your waste and at the same time help the environment.