Ready for Sun: The Perfect Skincare Products Based on Your Skin Type


Your formula for fresh summer skin!

Do you love the heat, the sweat on your skin and the neverending sunshine, or you do your best to curl up inside the aircon and wait for it all to be over? Whether you love summer or think it’s all a bit much, there’s no denying its ability to wreak a little havoc on your skin.

Whether it’s dry or oily, breakouts or general UV protection, don’t let your summer skin get you down - beat it with a brilliant seasonal routine! This tidy little collection of products are the perfect pick me up and combatants to keep you fresh in the heat and prevent your skin from getting oily, dry or congested.

Whatever your concern, there’s an answer.

Summer drying you out? Not for long! These dual-action weapons are ready to destroy your dry skin concerns. For an SPF that deeply hydrates while it protects, Asap’s SPF Hydrating Defence is our weapon of choice for 3-in-1 moisturising, SPF and primer action.

Swap the Anesi Aqua Vital Lotion into the toning segment of your AM and PM skin routine for skin that’s properly purified and cleansed, allowing it to shine bright like the diamond you are.

If your skin is both sensitive and dry, the Comfort Zone Remedy Cream to Oil is our fragrance-free and re-texturing answer to cleaning off the day.

For those with oily skin, summer can make you extra self-conscious. But never fear! Armed with the right products, tackling the summer sun becomes child’s play. These Dermalogica tried and tested winners are ready to be put to work.

If you’re new to Dermalogica… Welcome. The Discover Healthy Skin Kit is your perfect intro. Combining their PreCleanse and Special Cleansing Gel with a Microfoliant you can use everyday and a Skin Smoothing Cream, it won’t be long before you fall for your new routine - and your clear skin!

New day, new shine? Tackle each day like a pro with the Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF30, a matte, ultra lightweight moisturiser with SPF30 and a solid crew of botanical extracts to keep any sweaty sheen at bay.

If you like your products to work hard, the Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser is for you. Both cleansing and exfoliating, you can enjoy the ritual of massaging this into your skin both morning and night for improved cell turnover, not to mention brighter, more hydrated skin.

Sensitive skin deserves beautiful products too. These gentle yet effective additions to your summer routine will give it the love it needs.

For a cleanser that also tones, get around the Thalgo Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s dual actio formula contains tiny micellar particles that absorb makeup and sebum while restoring your skin’s mineral balance!

Bioline Jato know how to serum. Their Linea Dolce Intense Relief Nectar in Drops are a beautiful soothing treat when you’re fresh off the beach, or for generally stressed skin. We don’t discriminate here. Enjoy the scent and hydrating effects of Aloe, Sweet Almond oil, Blueberry and Blackcurrant extracts, and Betaine both morning and night.

For sensitive skin that still needs a little reno, the Anesi Harmonie Gommage Caresse is your gently exfoliating answer. Activating cell renewal while wiping away dead cells, leave this enzyme exfoliant on for 5-10 minutes for maximum effect. The result? Refined, smoother skin and extra glow - without the sheen.



If your skin doesn’t cause you too much bother, SPF defaults to being your most important summer concern.

Dermalogica are queens of the double cleanse, and after their years of proven results for their customers, who could argue! With a 30ml PreCleanse and a 50ml Special Cleansing Gel, their Go Anywhere Clean Skin Set is the perfect intro or travel set for your next weekender to keep it clear and uncomplicated - just how we like it.

To keep that skin clean and clear, get friendly with teh Anesi Lab Institute Luminosity SPF50. Designed to prevent pigment spots as well as photo-aging, this lightweight liquid emulsion enhances UV coverage and stimulates oxygen flow to the skin for lightweight protection.

For everyday practicality, CC cream is where it’s at. This one by Aspect brings SPF50 to your daily routine, along with a universal colour-correcting tint and lightweight formulation with a satin finish. Ideal for battling pigmentation and ageing skin, or simple everyday prevention! Yes please.

If it’s time to cruise through the season looking and feeling good, make the most of these handy pick-me-ups for your skin typeso you can continue to enjoy your time in the sun! Shop summer skincare products at Salon Style.

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