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Today, we bring you the lowdown on NAK and ORI LAB By NAK. It’s near impossible to start a conversation about highbrow Australian haircare without mentioning NAK! Yet this highbrow hair company is decidedly down to earth.

Owned and made in Australia, NAK Hair began in the early 2000s and quickly rose to notoriety for all the right reasons. 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for all hair types, their unique products are the perfect solution for building beautiful, healthy hair.

Whether you’re new to the NAK ranges or a stalwart supporter, jump on our journey for a little refresh as we take you through our faves!

The NAK range features natural vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals, and Pure Essential Oils, allowing for beautiful hair rituals that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin - no matter your hair or skin type.

Dry, frizzy or neglected hair doesn’t stand a chance against the NAK Hydrate Trio Pack. Detangling and softening with the power of Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Coconut oil and both pear and rice proteins, this trio will re-seal your hair cuticle and add miraculous moisture to your locks.

If a real restructure is on the cards, the NAK Structure Complex Trio awaits. This is the hack pack for really damaged hair. Including the Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer, and powered by Bio-Marine Complex and seed oils, your hair’s repair starts here.

On those nights off at home with your face mask and jade roller, treat your locks to a masque too. NAK Aromas Hydra Therapy is a beautiful big dose of hydration for your hair, and ready to work wonders on a variety of hair woes. Whether you’re healing chemically treated hair, brittle, frizzy or curly hair, Hydra Therapy will correct your moisture balance.

If you insist on Curls Only products, we got you too. NAK Aromas Curl Creme is your leave-in curl shaper. Revive your curls with bountiful botanicals and bid adieu to those frizzy flyaways.

We love a daily. If you like to lay a little goodness on your locks on the reg, the NAK Replends Creme Leave-In Moisturiser can be used everyday to protect hair from the heat tools and UV that you encounter in your environment. This one’s great for all types - just experiment with the amount you use and find your sweet spot!

For those on the go, a 60 Second Repair is a dream come true. Don’t add a step; swap out your conditioner for an extra speedy, extra intensive boost on those occasions when you really need that extra shine and strength boost!


Say hello to NAK’s next brainchild! ORI LAB puts the focus on organics with products that are clean, plant-based and cruelty free. Prettily packaged in recycled packaging, what’s on the outside is just as good as what’s on the inside. Ooooft!

Roll on up curly girls. ORI LAB’s Curl Trio Pack is the organic answer to your best curls. With a cleanser, conditioner and a curl creme, it’s the only curl system you need.

Whether you like to treat your hair to a constant program of products, or just need to sub them in for a little while, the Restore Trio Pack brings a gentle yet decadent formulation to promote colour longevity and soften your hair. Including the Restore Treatment, Rice Protein and Shea Butter deeply hydrate hair, lock in your colour and smooth out the sad bits.

Let’s pump it… Louder! When volume is playing hard to get, there’s nothing left to do but bring in the experts. The ORI LAB By NAK Plump Cleanse is perfect for flat, fine-textured or oily hair. Cleanse, soak and cleanse again and watch the volume return as if by magic! Follow with the Plump Condition.

We all love a little masque moment, and the ORI LAB Rescue Masque is a ritualistic moment. You can use it for a minute or two for a quick moisture hit… or you can treat yourself. Coat your hair with the masque and wrap it in a warm towel for 15-30 minutes (or even longer!) for a truly luxurious and reparitive meditative moment.

Truly delicious cocoa butter and Oat extract, Snowflower and Marula oil find harmony in your hair. It can be used as a leave-in for thick or curly hair too!

Brittle, breaking strands? It ends with us. The Ends Remedy is your set-and-forget solution to split ends and delicate strands. Powered with Quinoa protein, Avocado oil and Camellia oil, this leave-in moisturiser can be used on wet or dry hair to protect your locks from the environment and seal the hair’s cuticle. 

The Salon Style team are big believers in matching products to your hair types. We believe everyone deserves access to high quality, natural products that deliver results without resorting to chemicals or synthetic ingredients - there’s simply no need with products like these at your disposal! Get busy and get your hair to its healthiest with NAK Hair and ORI LAB By NAK.

Zoe Evans

She knows what works, and that's what she loves. She is a hair and beauty ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ enthusiast. She researches this stuff for fun on a Saturday night.