Hottest 5 Hair Stylists to follow right Now


Looking for some hair inspo for the weekend festivities or want to check out the latest upcoming hairstyles? Well look no further. These hairstylists are flocked by the famous and with good reason. Multi talented gurus in the hair game and super fun to follow!

1. When it comes to hair stylists to the stars, you can’t look past Chris Appleton! Not only is he easy on the eye, he works his hair magic on the likes of Kym, J-Lo and Dua! Remember that time Kym went blonde, yep that was him. So was J-Lo’s incredible look at the Super Bowl (we were crushing on that!)

Chris also does great tutorials for fun easy looks for you to create at home, giving you all the tips and tricks! Check him out on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!



2. Guy Tang is a whole lotta fun! He’s a man of many talents, from incredible hair stylist and colourist to creating his own haircare brand, as well as being a music artist and sharing his skills with the rest of the world with his YouTube tutorials. He’s entertaining, super fun and full of personality. Find him on Instagram and Youtube.


3. Another extraordinary stylist is Jen Atkins. She's multi talented, hard working and an all time inspirational lady! Jen is a stylist to a long list of stars including Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba and the Kardashian sisters. But if that wasn’t enough to brag about, she is also the owner of Ouai haircare line, Founder of digital magazine ManeAddicts AND columnist for Glamour Magazine!!!! Busy much?! Her Instagram page is full of inspirational quotes, tutorials as well as giving you a glimpse of her personal life. Check her out here and also her YouTube channel



4. If you’re looking for some colour in your life, Jaymz Marsters is your man! One look at his insta page and you’ll see what I mean. He’s creative, informative and isn’t afraid to give everything a go on himself first! Combining his talent with online education, his skills are exceptional and the final results stunningly unique! You can follow him on Insta here


5. Ever wondered how Queen B rocks so many stunning looks? Well the man behind the hair is none other than Neal Farinah. Running his beauty salon in NYC and working on his new haircare line keeping him busy, among styling the likes of Michelle Williams, Solange, Mary J. Blige (to name a few!) His exceptional skills and talent are recognised around the world! Check out his work (as well as lotsa Beyonce!) on his Insta feed!