Work It: 5 Hassle-Free Tips For A Non-Greasy Pre- and Post-Workout Hair


No grease, just style

Working out is part of my weekly routine. On days that I have to go to the gym, it easily becomes my favourite part of my day because I love the feeling of sweating it out and getting stronger by the day. Those endorphins can really keep me going!

After my sweat sesh, I always feel a great sense of accomplishment! That is until I have to look at myself in the many mirrors of my gym and see that I have a messy head soaked in sweat! While I usually go straight home afterwards, there will be times when I need to be somewhere like meet my friends or do some errands.

Coming up with a routine was such a task at first. “Do I wash my hair or not? But wait, it’s not my wash day yet! Is it okay to just mask it all with dry shampoo?”­ If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t panic! I’ve got the tips to make sure that you get your pre- and after-gym trip totally sorted with easy-to-follow steps!

Pre-game with your pre-workout

Just because I haven’t started yet, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t prep for the sweat that’s about to come whenever I hit the weights or treadmill. Doing a little prepping first can minimize the work you have to do later on.

Spritz on the dry shampoo

While most prefer to apply dry shampoo after, I found out that it’s more practical to just spray them on my head before working out. About an hour before I head to the gym, I spray my dry shampoo and work it into my scalp with my fingers.

An hour is enough time for the product to work its magic. The dry shampoo will absorb the sweat and oil from your scalp.

Use the Nak Dry Clean Shampoo or Juuce Dirty Deeds Dry Shampoo so that it can absorb sweat and oil.

Use gentle hair ties or accessory

One of the things I can’t ever go without when I need to do my much-needed cardio is a hair tie or sometimes a headband. I sometimes style my hair in a ponytail or braids. I really like how it effortlessly keeps my hair away from my mug or have sweat dripping down it.

While any hair tie might work, I found that a gentle one was a better choice for me. Elastics can sometimes tug hard, especially at the ends and it’ll cause hair strands to snap. Does that seem like a familiar scenario? Been there and will never look back. Also, another tip, don’t tie your hair too tightly. Let your scalp breathe, too!

Don't let your ties be the reason for breakage, use the Invisibobble Power True Black or Invisibobble Sprunchie.

The tricks to non-greasy post-workout haircare

What I like about the routine I’ve come up for myself when it comes to my after-gym haircare is that it’s totally customisable! There are steps I do when I’m due for a wash or not. It’s no hassle and something you could also try for yourself.

No need to wash your hair each time

I know, I know. It’s sweat. It can be totally gross even if it’s a result of your hard work. But hear me out, it’s been advised that we don’t have to wash our tresses every day. While I do try to time my gym trips to wash days, I also want to be ready especially when I have to be somewhere afterwards.

On days I’m scheduled to wash my hair, I bring travel-sized bottles of my favourite haircare brand. It’s easy to lug around and can fit my small-sized gym bag. To refresh my strands, I use a gentle cleanser to get rid of the gunk and sweat that may have accumulated from days prior to and during my workout. Afterwards, I lather it with a conditioner and leave it on for at least three to five minutes.

Is it your wash day? Time to lather it up with the Alterna My Hair. My Canvas New Beginnings Gift Set or Davroe Smooth Senses Travel Kit.

Skip the blow dry

When it’s just a chill day for me, I skip the blow dry. As we all know, blow drying tends to dull out hair. If I’m not in such a hurry, I prefer to dry my tresses with a microfiber towel and let the air do all the work.

Yup, you've got to lay off the heat this time with the VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel and comb through those tangles with the Wet Brush Pro Detangling Comb.

However, when I have to meet up with friends or have an appointment afterwards, I bring along a hair drier with me and only use the cold setting. Since we’re all about protecting our hair and keepin’ it healthy, I also bring along with me a heat protectant or thermal protectant.

But just in case you really need to dry your hair stat, use the Davroe Thermaprotect and dry with the Muk Blow 3900-IR Hair Dryer.

Finish with a leave-in conditioner or serum

To top off my post-workout haircare routine, I use a leave-in conditioner to smoothen my strands and protect my hair. An added bonus is that it can keep the dreaded frizz away. Some days, a serum does the trick. I can totally have a good hair day even when I was just sweating it out a couple of hours earlier. 

And get your hair styled the way you want it with the NAK Replends Creme Leave-In MoisturiserDeLorenzo Elements AfterglowOlaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother, and Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi.

It’s always awesome when you’re committed to your fitness goals! I find that working out for me really enriches my soul and my mental and physical well-being. Just as I like to keep my body healthy, it’s important that I also look after my hair and protect it from the many elements that can harm it.