Why we love this volumizer

As someone who has lifeless hair, i'm always looking for the next best product that will give my hair the boost it's always needed. Some hair products claim to be 'volumizers' but fail to lift up my hair the way I want it tool. 

It was almost three months ago when I finally got my hands on the Matrix Link Height Riser Volumizing Powder and I haven't looked back since. 


After using this product once I was hooked! Not only did my hair rise but it also left my hair with a sweet scent and my hair didn't go greasy which usually happens to me if I put too much product in my hair.    

What's inside? 

Matrix's Height Riser hair volumizing powder is your link to instant volume and separation with shine. This lightweight hair volume powder adds grip and targets roots, without dulling hair. 


– Keeps the hair feeling lightweight while giving it a boost

– Adds texture to the hair which helps with styling

– Doesn't make the hair greasy  


Need directions? 

It's simple! Lift hair up and apply at the underparts of your hair by your roots, massage through and style your volumized hair.