Underhyped Beauty Products You Should Try


For some reason or another, some products get more hype than others.

Many other fine products spend their days working hard, minding their own business, getting the job well and truly done… A lot like you fine people, we wager!

These are those - the unsung heroes. The thing is, for all practical intents and purposes, these products all deserve a cult following! They are elite.

From Muk to Matrix and NAK, let us break down these hair goodies.


Moisturising Magic

Give your hair the gift of hydration with the NAK Hydrate Conditioner 375ml. Incredibly effective at moisturising normal, colour-treated, frizzy and neglected hair, it seals the cuticle, at once minimising colour fade and delivering smoother hair. No more thirst.

If you’re ready to prescribe to a new regime, the Davines OI Trio Set is ready and waiting for you to enlist. Enriched with luscious Roucou oil, this beautifully scented three-step program brings the OI Shampoo, Conditioner and All In One Milk together to control and detangle hair, deliver shine and simmer down that frizz! Read the reviews - it’s worth it.

Here’s one from Redken for the ultra-dry hair. The All Soft Mega Conditioner 250ml has been formulated for severely dry hair from a medium to coarse thickness. Full of wonderful naturally healing ingredients including Aloe Vera, Cactus extract and Sachi Inchi extract (native to tropical South America), plus Redken’s RCT Protein Complex, this clever formulation is an effective healer for super dry hair.


Protecting Prima Donnas

There’s a reason Keratin gets so much attention: it works! The RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Treatment 200ml is designed to strengthen chemically treated, dry and damaged hair. Using Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Coconut to heal split ends, smooth and deliver shine, it’s the 10-20 minute treatment your hair craves.

You’ve met No.3 through to No.7, but have you met No.9? The Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum 90ml has been formulated to protect your hair from damage as you venture out into the world. Whether it’s pollution, UVA and UVB rays or heat tools, the satiny No.9 serum stays on the clock for 48 hours to ensure your hair makes it home in one piece! Did we mention it’s anti-static and anti-tangle, and brings the shine?

Want to protect your curls from humidity and maintain their shape all day long? The fruit salad scented Muk Kinky Curl Amplifier 200ml is a great curly girl hack for natural hold and shine without that nasty crunch. Ideally applied to towel dried hair, it can also be used after the fact to tame frizz and add a little shine to curls that have already dried.


Blonde Heroes

Silver hair needs plenty of care. Designed for cool blondes and greys alike, the Milk_Shake Silver Shine Trio Pack is your complete plan of attack for maintaining shiny, voluminous blonde locks. Contributing Milk protein, Violet pigment and Vitamin-rich blueberries, this three-step plan of attack is all you’ll need.

Are your blonde locks getting a little brassy? If your hair is a cool blonde, lavender, silver or white, this gentle brightening formula knows how to correct. Summoning the powers of Provitamin B5 plus Deep Purple pigment, the Keune Care Silver Savior Conditioner 80ml tones as it moisturises for brighter hair that looks and feels salon fresh.

This Blonde Threesome isn’t what it sounds like! Formulated with Vitamin oil and designed for use after the Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner, the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blonde Threesome 150ml is a neutralising mask designed to lighten your hair, and the mood… But seriously. This one is meant to be a leave-in, so air dry or style your hair as usual, and prepare for this protecting cream to deliver the goods! That means sealed cuticles and strands protected from heat damage. You are so welcome.


What can we say? Some cult products remain an industry secret - until now!

From the legendary names of Olaplex and Redken, Keune and Milk Shake, we’re more than happy to be the hype girls for these fine products. Whether you need a treatment that ticks all your boxes, a conditioner to soften and soothe, or a serum that’s a true all-in-one, these products are tried and tested success stories.

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