Top Tan Tips for this Summer

 I recently told a friend of mine that I had just finished applying my first tan for the ‘season’. I love my tans but TBH I don’t bother over winter and let my pasty white skin glow in all it’s natural glory.

My friends reaction ‘OH NO! Nothing like that orange glow’! 


I had to assure her that self tanning has come a long way since we were all walking around looking like oompa loompas. I’ll be the first to admit to having a few shockers. Streaky, dark elbows and knees, bright orange and let's just say terrible really.

Luckily over the years, not only has the way we apply them changed, but so have many of the formulations. Resulting in much more natural tans, still DARK but natural.


Tips to step up your tanning game


1. Always prep your skin first (SO IMPORTANT!) – Don’t shave/wax the day you’re going to tan, do it the night before and exfoliate well. I like using my Ecococo Exfoliation Glove. Exfoliating is such an important step in achieving an even, long lasting tan.


*Prior to getting your tan, avoid any moisturisers, deodorants and perfumes as these can inhibit the tanning process and you won’t get the best results.

*Research the right tan for you and your needs! With so many to choose from these days, there is virtually a tan for everyone and every skin type.


My faves right now….


Vani -T Fusion Express Self Tan Mousse 150ml


ECOCOCO Tanning Mousse Medium 180ml


Vani -T Velocity Express Self Tan Mousse 150ml


2. Maintaining your tan

To keep your tan looking incredible there is some upkeep. This prevents it fading quickly and patchy. MOISTURISE!!! The way a tan works, the active ingredient (DHA) reacts with the top layer of your skin (the dead skin cells), so the idea is to keep the top layer on for as long as you can. You can also use a tinted or gradual tan moisturiser that will extend your tan even longer!

Try this one....


Vani -T Bronzing Custard 200ml


3. Getting your tan off


Ok, so funny story. There was a time I used the soap mechanics use to remove grease and grime from their hands to remove my tan…. You know the one? That’s basically sandpaper and soap in one?! Well we no longer need to go to such extreme measures to remove the remainder of our tans.

These are the two best ways I have found to remove my existing tan and prepare my skin for my skin for my next one.

1. If you have the time – A nice long bath with a few drops of Almond Oil. The oil helps lift off your dead skin cells in a gentle way, then with a little help from your exfoliating glove, VIOLA! Tan gone.

2. You can use Vani-T’s Tan Eraser Tan Removal Mousse 200ml. Simply apply to dry skin, leave on for 5 minutes, then jump in the shower and rinse off using a flannel to gently wipe away your old tan.

Now get that bronze booty to the beach and show off your hot summer tan

PS Don't forget to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP xx

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