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2023 Beauty Predictions | Salon Style

Hello, 2023. We’ve been waiting for you.

A new year heralds new beginnings, and we won’t be shying away from what’s in store. If 2022 was the year to pull us out of our sweat suits and back into our heels, directing us back towards our “normal” lives, 2023 is the year to level up our style game.

So what exactly is coming your way? When it comes to beauty trends, 2023 presents as an opportunity to push the envelope, reinventing your style and effortlessly expressing your individuality.

According to our Salon Style experts, we can expect bold eyes and hair colours, shimmering skin, and fearless execution, armed with the right products. Get ready to put your softest skin, glammed-up makeup, luscious hair and pristine nails forward with a new wave of self-care trends.

Let’s take a closer look.

If you’re like us and binged Emily in Paris season 3 over the break, you might have mentally snapshotted every one of Emily and Mindy’s bright and colourful hair and makeup looks, ready for replication at home. With the right products, its a breeze!

Statement Lips have been a frontrunner for the season, complementing a chic array of headscarves and statement hairstyles that exhibited more depth and finesse than the storyline. Take it from the French and pair a bold lip with pared-back skin and fresh eyes.

If you find a strong lip shade too hard to maintain, flip it and reverse it with Bold Lids. Choose your own adventure, whether it’s a sweeping bold block of colour across the lid (and below, if you so choose), or a Graphic Eyeliner for an unexpected pop of linear colour.

Whatever your play, don’t forget to Prime.

If you’ve been putting in the hard yards with your skincare routine, show off vibrant skin with the perfect boost of Highlight Perfection. Less is certainly more when you’ve put in the work on your skin - Get up to speed with our skincare self-care tips below.


Repeat after us: In 2023, I will be consistent in my skincare routine!

There is no denying that Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend, especially as we hit the middle of the hot Australian summer. Apply a 50+ SPF under your makeup. Every. Single. Day. We love this one by asap.

Toners can be a real joy in summer, but they are not all created equal. Dermalogica’s Antioxidant HydraMist improves the skin’s natural barrier with an antioxidant coating, while their range offers calming and pore-minimising options too. Shop our curation of toners and mists here.

In the interests of this consistency we have all sworn to uphold, we will follow our mist with a Hydrating Serum such as the Bioline Jato De-Sense SOS Serum. Powered with Argan Oil and Tetrapeptide-15 to put a buffer between your skin and the world, it’s the perfect morning and night solution for all skin types.

No self-care routine would be complete without a deeply loving, deeply delicious mask. Thalgo’s Deeply Nourishing Mask only calls for ten minutes of your precious time, so you can pop on the timer and take a little tenner to journal, medidate, or whatever floats your self-care boat. Two birds, one stone.


Whether you’re keeping it fresh and clean or leaning into the wet look trend, volume is in.

Kim Kardashian is a master of the Wet Hair Look, pairing it with her dark hair and her new blonde locks for a real statement. You’ll spot sisters Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney leaning in too, while a wide variety of celebs including Margot Robbie, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kristen Bell, Zendaya and Kristen Wiig show that it suits a variety of hair styles.

It’s an easy look for you to replicate at home - just arm yourself with a solid sea salt spray (like this one by Davines) and apply to damp hair. Follow with a good Gel or Pomade; our favourite is by Eco Style.

If you’d rather keep it looking clean but also require some volume to keep you on trend, Milk_Shake’s flexible and shiny Volume Solution is just what the stylist ordered.

We all love a cellophane treatment at the salon, but it’s not always within the budget or possible to sneak it into the schedule. We’re firm believers that if you can mask your face at home, you can mask your hair, too. Milk_Shake’s Integrity Intensive Treatment is the perfect DIY Treatment to soften, detangle and provide shine in just 3-5 minutes!

Your final haircare trend prediction: Bronde. The Bronde hair balayage look is a winner for us because it works wonderfully for such a wide variety of skin tones and hair styles, tying the best of blonde and brunette and with plenty of room for you to find the perfect balance. You can ask your stylist to tie in different levels of ash, caramel and honey tones (or just trust them) to suit fair or warmer skin tones. Everyone wins!

Maintain your Bronde Hair at home with Milk_Shake’s Colour Whipped Cream in Rose Brown, a fantastic leave-in that adds shine, moisture and an extra pop of colour to your bronde.

2023: The year of Me? Absolutely.

Discover your best You and find both creativity and consistency with the best quality skincare and haircare products at Salon Style.

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