The biggest hair trends that made headlines in 2018



The biggest hair trends that made headlines in 2018


Every year we see tons of hair trends on the runway, social media and in the media. But if you want to know what the most dominating hair trend of 2018 was then you’ve come to the right place. If you think about the woman of the year this year (Ariana Grande), you’ll know of her elevated high ponytail and how iconic it is. After dominating the charts Ariana’s hairstyle had now been worn by so many of us this year, we think everyone has been a huge fan of the high pony! Whether you want to wear this style half-up or all-up in a pony we’re sure you can take some inspiration from all the celebrates we found that rocked this style this year.

No. 1 The high pony




We have two more hairstyles that have come close to the most popular one of 2018 but this one is bringing back the 90’s with the braids and half an up-do, rocked by the one and only Bella Hadid of course.

 No. 2 The half up-do 



Finally, we have seen so many people wear a full head of braids this year. Usually, this style often pops up because for people with thick hard to tame hair braids is the best way to tame the hair and control any frizz. However, so many celebrities loved this style this year and honestly, we love it! 

No. 3 The braid