The One-Minute Treatment That Mends Your Hair Instantly


No matter how much you try to take care of your hair, sometimes, you'll get the dreaded split ends. This pesky hair issue can really stop us from having a really good hair day. Usually, heat damage and chemical treatments can cause your strands to split into two.

Split ends happen due to dryness, heat damage, and even chemical treatments

But not to worry, there's a solution to this predicament and you can do it all in just one minute. And we're not kidding!

At first, I thought this product would be quite average because it was only $25.46 and I've always believed the higher price you pay for a product the higher chance you have on it actually working. However, local hair brand, Juuce, completely changed my mind with this one! 

After trying a number of expensive treatments, split end solutions, and a variety of anti-frizz products for my ends, the Juuce 1-Minute Treatment instantly relaxed my frizzy ends. I could totally feel and see a difference within a minute—which is something that it has promised!

I used this product only on my ends as I have very fine thin hair. If I used it all over my hair, it would most likely weigh it down. However, if you have very thick curly hair, I would recommend bringing the product up to where your ears are, any higher you could get greasy hair quite fast. I recommend keeping this product in your shower and using it every other time you wash your hair.



This intense repair treatment is formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay which instantly saturates extremely dry or damaged hair to rejuvenate, restore, and rebond. Moroccan Lava Clay acts to moisturise and soften your tresses. It also reduces dryness while also removing toxins and product buildup improving hair’s elasticity and unblocking the pores of your scalp.

You only need to apply this life-saving product on your damp hair and rinse after a minute. And voila! After drying your hair, you'll notice your strands come back to life with an added shine to boot! Its a perfect treat for all hair types especially those with a curly mane.