Rescue Your Dry and Damaged Hair with These Amazing Haircare Products


As we come into winter and the temperature drops across the country (more in some places than others!) we’re met with a new set of hair problems. Hair doesn’t love the cold - cold air carries less moisture, which can have a drying effect on your locks that leads to brittle lengths and split ends. But it doesn’t love the dry heat of indoor climate control either! This can dry it out too.

When it comes to accessorising, as we dive back into cute and cosy beanies and winter hats, scalps can get itchier and hair can gain static, increasing flyaways and making you crave the freshness of a dive into the sea.

But there’s plenty of other reasons for dry hair! You might be a coloured blonde, or slowly returning to your natural hair after years of bleaching. You might be a very active beach babe! Whatever the reason, let’s arm you with some of the market’s most amazing haircare products prime and ready to rescue dry and damaged hair.

Moisture begins with Shampoo.

While we may tend to think of Shampoo as the cleaner, Shampoos that are specifically designed for dry and damaged hair can delivery plenty in the way of healing moisture too.

To counter the unnatural heat and chemicals that led to dry hair in the first place, we look for natural vitamin nourishment with oils like Argan, Avocado, Grapeseed and nut oils. Jojoba Coconut, and Aloe Vera all have wonderful nourishing properties to heal damaged hair, while proteins are ideal for helping to repair hair’s bonds from the core. We try to look for UV protection too, to prevent ongoing damage, and avoid parabens and sulphates, and alcohol, which will strip your hair.  

A tried and tested winner for us that works as a brilliant base point for all dry hair is the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo. It hits the sweet spot for an effective clean that dons moisture along the way. Ideal for helping to form manageable hair that’s experienced dryness from bleaching, the Vital Nutrition Shampoo uses Provitamin B5, a natural humectant, and Wheat Protein to strengthen each strand. Vitamin A is in the mix for its antioxidant properties, protecting from UV and environmental stressors.

Continue your case with Conditioner.

Dry hair needs rich conditioning! There’s no point trying to tackle your other hair concerns while your hair is dry, knotty and brittle. Once you reverse the damage done to your hair and find a healthy balance with a strong routine, you can return to whatever conditioner of your choice - but chances are, you just might choose to stick with a winner like this.

 Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner continues the trend of Protein and Provitamin B5 (aka Panthenol) nourishment, adding Keravis into the mix. We love Keravis for its dual-action power. Technically it is a funtionalised hydrolyzed vegetable protein (a mouthful, we know), and it works at once to penetrate the hair shaft, increasing its structural properties through moisture while sealing to smooth the hair strand. There’s a reason hairdressers love Keune’s Vital Nutrition range.

If your dry hair is getting knotty and nasty, this one’s for you. For an extra hydrating Conditioner with a bounty of detangling properties, look no further than the Biolage HydraSource Detangling Solution. Detangling as it cleans, its lightweight formulation is powered by the Aloe plant, helping hair to retain hydration while it controls static for less frizz and flyaways!

Treatments and Masks

Dry and damaged hair needs you to go above and beyond on your quest for moisture and smooth, healthy locks. That means making effective Treatments and Masks a part of your routine!

As with your Conditioners and Shampoos, we like Treatments and Masks that utilise naturally powerful ingredients such as naturally-derived oils, minerals and Amino acids. Many of these ingredients provide UV and thermal defence that prevents further damage, as well as scalp nourishment, while they’re working to seal the cuticle and smooth frizz.

We’re big fans of Pure Precious Ends. Putting the spotlight on - you guessed it - your ends, Precious Ends is a lovely and effective leave-in conditioner that utilises the antioxidant properties and Beta-Carotene of Goji Berry oil, Amino acid and minerals to restore a healthy moisture balance to your hair. Apply to wet or dry hair - whatever works best with you and your routine!

Here’s a milk that’s er, actually powered by an oil! Using Roucou oil, a powerful anti-ageing, hydrating and detangling oil, the Davines OI All In One Milk is a spray with a plethora of handy uses. Boasting the benefits of a cream with the lightness of a spray, it improves the combability of wet hair and moisturises without weighing down locks. Great for blow drying, it protectshair from heat and has excellent detangling properties. Most of all, it’s highly conditioning! You’ll find yourself spritzing this clever milk on at regular intervals.

Styling without suffering.

Styling dry hair can be hard. You get sticky-outy bits, obvious shorter broken bits, and it just never seems to look as smooth and hair ad-like when it’s all done and dusted. Never fear! Along your hair-healing journey, these styling products specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair will help without imparting any more damage.

The Schwarzkopf Osis Session Label Miracle 15 is a fantastic and versatile styling balm that has - you guessed it - 15 uses to aid you on your way to an effective styling session. Use it to prime, protect, control and define as you style, while it will add feather-light shine to your final look. It has 96 hours anti-frizz control, anti-static discipline, and sensational structure equalisation, adding light texture for a perfectly polished final look.

If you prefer a cream to a balm, the Juuce Kaktis is your 2-in-1 solution. While it hydrates and moisturises, it controls frizz and allows you style your hair with ease, whether it’s from wet or from dry. Kaktis no more!

If you prefer a styling oil, the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil is a thirst-quenching, ultra-lightweight solution. Using Awapuhi extract and lightweight silicones to seal, smooth and add shine, it’s fragranced with Ginger tea and Mango and hints of Italian bergamot for the perfect finisher before you head out. Again, it can be applied wet or dry as you style!

Dry hair needn’t end all your fun. Armed with the right products, you can bring your locks back to life and get back to business! Find all the solutions to dry and damaged hair at Salon Style, your online haircare destination.

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