Our favourite trends from 2018


 GOODBYE 2018!

2018 is almost well and truly over! We've seen some fantastic hair trends this year and we thought you'd love to have a deeper dive into our favourites of the year. Below you'll find some of our favourite styles, colours and cuts... hopefully this gives you some inspiration on what your 2019's hair is going to look like...


Our No. 1 Youtube video

Of course! We've featured so many videos this year in our blogs we had to put our favourite in this one! 


Kylie Jenner's pink ponytail! We've seen a lot of ponytails this year thanks to women like Ariana Grande... this fairy floss pink hairstyle is a showstopper and one we think will be on trend in 2019. 


Bella Hadid's mid length brunette hair. This one is dynamic and can be styled so quickly! You can almost do anything with this brunettes locks, perfect style for busy mum's, workaholics and students who want a carefree style....


Ariana Grande's hair. All year! She hit the billboard music carts this year a million times (well it felt like a million). She was named woman of the year with her numerous number one songs and her style is iconic. The classic high ponytail she usually rocks changed to other styles like the one below. We love how Ari experiments with her hair and we can't wait to see what 2019 has to offer for the singers hair. 


 Kim Kardashian's sleek, simple, straight style. Whether your a fan of the Kardashian's or not you probably think their fashion trends are still on trend every year. It wouldn't be right not to mention this style because it has been worn by so many women this year and it is one of the most easiest styles to replicate (if you have straight hair). We've seen so many straight hairstyles this year and we think this trend will roll over in 2019 making it a popular trend in Australia.