How to grow your hair longer & stronger with 7 simple steps

Grow your hair stronger, longer, faster, with our easy to use products and simple tips, and tricks.

Trim Your Hair Regularly                      

Having long hair is not an overnight success. Getting your hair trimmed a quarter of an inch every 8 - 12 weeks will speed up the hair growth process. How? When you don’t trim regularly, hairs can split right up the shafts and break off, even though the follicles are still in the growth phase. Getting regular trims will eliminate split ends leaving you with healthy hair. If you don’t get rid of your split ends regularly they will just get worse causing your hair to break off.

Use Oil Treatment

Repair your damaged hair with an oil treatment. Argan oil is a great option due to being naturally high in fatty acids, and vitamin E, which deeply penetrate the hair to restore moisture and repair. Regular use of oil treatments such as the Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Moroccanoil will help in preventing split ends, especially for those with dry hair.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp will increase your circulation to the hair follicles. It is also a great way to decrease stress. Stress relief will also help the hair to grow, as when you are stressed it sends follicles into a resting phase. Massaging the scalp will also assist in conditioning to prevent flaking.  Give your scalp a massage every day using the flats of your fingers for 2-5 minutes at a time.

Use Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo                            

Do you ever wonder what your hair goes through in a day? Heat, sweat, colouring, and styling? All of which stripping the nutrients from your hair causing it to become dry, and creating split ends. This is where conditioner comes in to restore those lost nutrients and assist in damage control. You should use conditioner every time you shampoo and apply a leave-in conditioner afterwards for the best hair growth results possible. Some great leave-in conditioners are the Sebastian Potion 9 Lite, or the Milkshake Leave-in Conditioner both will leave you with protection against heat on your hair.

Finish Off Your Shower With A Cold Rinse   

Warm water helps to open the hairs allowing shampoo and conditioner to penetrate the hair thoroughly and do its job. Cold water helps to do the opposite by sealing in the moisture from the conditioner. So, by all means, take a warm shower, but at the end, rinse with cold water. The results will speak for themselves!

Use A Hair Mask                                  

Hair masks are all about moisture with their deep conditioning effect. You should work your hair mask into your hair strand by strand and from the roots to the ends. While this method takes a little more effort, it guarantees that the hair treatment completely covers every single hair. This makes it even more effective. Allowing your hair to grow longer, and stronger. If you really care for your hair try out Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Hair Mask to deeply nourish and repairs hair.

Be Careful When Using Heat!

Treat your hair how you would treat your skin. Thermal protection is the equivalent of sunscreen. Heat has a damaging effect when it comes to hair; it breaks down your hydrogen bonds, stripping it of its natural oils and proteins. This is why it is absolutely essential to invest in a thermal protection spray like Davines MELU Heat Protecting Hair Shield. Thermal protection is a must when it comes to heat styling your hair and keeping it healthy. So give Affinage Thermal Protectant a try and take care of your locks.

Bonus Tip:

Eating a diet rich in vitamins and protein will improve healthy hair growth. In particular, vitamin B is extremely important for your hair to grow out faster.   

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