How To Get Beach Waves

Start by washing your hair, then towel dry using a gentle squeeze and press to take out excess moisture without causing breakage.

f your hair is easy to control and can hold styles with minimum fuss, simply apply a texture spray.  Tip hair upside down and generously spritz in the product you have chosen.  Keep to the ends of your hair and avoid the roots. Try Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturing Sea Spray or Evo Salty Dog Spray.

However, if you need added support, use one of the following foundation products before adding the texture spray.

While your hair is still damp use one of the following techniques to create your beach wave look:
    • Double braid – part you hair in the middle and braid both sections and tie at the ends.  If you have medium to short hair you may need to part four ways.

    • Twist at the back – part your hair in the middle and twist together at the back of your head.  Tie off and then clip hair up.  For thicker hair, you may need to part four ways and twist together in pairs
    • Pin-curls – take sections of your hair, twist and curl up to your head. Pin each section up, making sure to leave the ends out.
    • Top bun – twist and curl your hair around itself securing it in a messy bun.
      Let hair air dry either during the course of the day (4-6 hours) or sleep on it overnight. Make sure your hair is dry before taking it down and shaking it out. 

      If you find that the above techniques don’t work (i.e. if you have short or extremely straight hair) or you just want a more controlled wave, you will need to use a
      curling iron.  For a natural look let your hair air dry.  However, if you want more volume or are in a rush, roughly blow dry your hair running your fingers through it while pulling outwards.  Don’t panic if your hair looks a complete mess at this time because the curling iron will bring it all together. 

      Heat your curling iron and then take sections of your hair in varying sizes. Wrap the section of hair around the tong about 2 inches from the root, hold for 3-5 seconds, then drop and gently pull. Once your curls have cooled gently run your fingers through them to blend.

      Whether using a curling iron or allowing hair to air dry, finish the look by adding a spritz of hairspray

      To keep your beach wave for consecutive days use a
      dry shampoo along the roots and massage with your fingers.  This absorbs excess oil and adds volume.  This will work for all hair types.

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