How to Achieve Healthy Long Hair


At some point in most of our lives, we have all wanted long, healthy hair that shines in the sunlight! Yet achieving this hair can take some time and feel impossible.

After trying to grow my hair out in the past year I've got together some of the tips that helped me while growing out my dry, damaged bleached hair. No matter what your hair goals are, this is a great way to get healthy hair and grow out your damaged hair.Β 

Be patient

Hair can't grow overnight! Many people think this process is something that can happen in a night or even a month. Unfortunately growing your hair out can take over a year if you want luscious long, healthy hair. So just keep that in mind, don't measure your hair length and compare it every month. Just be patient it will grow.Β 

Trim your hair

Trim. Trim Trim! The scissors are your best friend! Trust me, if you grow your hair but don't get your split ends cut off your hair over time will fall out or split off. Split ends are the first reason as to why your hair doesn't grow.

Go to the hairdressers regularly and cut off all your split ends. But wait, make sure to only cut off the split ends! Stay dedicated to growing your hair out and try not to get any crazy haircuts in the meantime.Β 

Shampoo your hair less

This one might be a surprise to you but washing your hair every other day strips away the natural oils in your hair.

When you strip away the natural oils your hair, itΒ  starts to produce more sebum which causes it to become greasy faster. Over time, it causes your hair to look less shiny and more dependant on shampoo and conditioner to get a natural shine.

Not only does it cause your scalp to produce more grease but this process also keeps your hair dry because of the constant washing. Keep your hair wash days to 2-3 times a week and you will start to see the difference.Β 

Use a re-bonding treatment

If you haven't heard ofΒ OlaplexΒ now is the best time to start investing in it! Olaplex has recently taken over the hair world by a storm! Olaplex is a re-bonding treatment that actually repairs dry, damaged and bleached hair. Hairdressers swear that this product helps your hair stay more intact over long periods of time.Β 

Be gentle

Your hair may look strong at times but frankly, it's not the strongest thing in the world. Be gentle when washing, brushing and combing your hair. Remember that everything you do to your hair can damage it and cause breakage. Always brush your hair from the ends upwards not the top to the bottom, this will prevent your strands from having any unnecessary breakage.Β 

So I've covered the main areas that I used to grow out my highly damaged hair, which took over a year to actually see a huge difference. But here are some extra tips that I know other people have used to have their healthiest hair yet.Β 

Extra tips:Β 

Switch your pillowcase. Have a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Silk is a softer fabric and at night as we toss and turn we actually break off a lot of hair. Not only is a silk pillowcase good for your hair but it also helps your skin breath at night.Β 

Take vitamins and supplements. Firstly, we aren't doctors here so before taking any vitamins or supplements for hair growth please consult your doctor first. Making sure your body isn't lacking in any nutrients is good to look into if you think you might have an underlying medical reason as to why your hair is thinning, falling out or not growing as fast as it usually should.