Hair Cuts & Styles to Make Hair Appear Thicker for Women


The secret to keeping fine hair looking thicker is keeping it short. Hair starts to thin out after it grows past the collarbone length. Everybody wants what they can’t have, especially when it comes to hair. Is anyone happy with the hair they have? Probably not. The good news with hair is that you can pretty much manipulate it into anything you want. If you are someone who has quite thin hair you may think you will never be able to achieve a full volume curled look. But you would be surprised what you can do with some quick hair tips and tricks.

You can’t put all the blame on how you style your hair, your haircut is the other culprit. Naturally thin/fine hair needs to be snipped to encourage volume. We recommend steering clear of layered cuts that can look stringy and shaggy on someone with finer hair. While having fine hair may make you feel as though your potential to get certain haircuts may be more limited, there are lots of cuts to accentuate your hair making it look thicker. Here are 3 examples of the best haircuts and styles to give your hair the appearance of the fullness you have so long desired.

            A-Line Bob
Ruffled Bob Textured Side-Part Bob 

Blow drying your hair the right way can give your hair volume, keeping your roots lifted and voluminous between washes. Picking up these quick hair hacks means you’ll be able to give yourself the salon quality hair you long for in the comfort of your own home. The best thing for those lifted roots is a round brush. Evo has a great range of round hair brushes perfect for your home blowout. The Evo Hank 35mm Ceramic Radial Brush is perfect for this styling due to the vent holes in the barrel that allow air heat from the blow-dryer to circulate at the roots, creating more volume.

Backcombing hair is wonderful when wanting to create volume in strategic places to suit your face shape. Teasing your hair at the roots will assist to give your hair the volume you are seeking making your hair appear thicker. Begin with smaller sections, placing the comb underneath the hair so the teasing won't be seen and slowly combing toward your scalp. Never comb up and down (back and forth) as this causes damage to the hair. Once you’re finished teasing spray the sections lightly with hairspray and smooth over.

To help to get the texture in your hair try using a sea salt spray such as the Davines More Inside This Is A Sea Salt Spray, or the O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray. Sea salt sprays are incredible for getting textured, tousled look without drying out your hair. You see there are lots of things you can try to manipulate your locks into looking thick and full.