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In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, consumers are paying attention to their products, what’s inside them and what they’re packaged in like never before. In the haircare sphere, a clear shift towards organics, cruelty-free and vegan products that minimise their impact is a win for not only hair, but the planet.

Where chemicals were once king, the best of modern haircare is now progressively moving away from parabens and sulphates. These are infamous for scalp irritation and stripping hair of its natural oils, while also a little too easy for your skin to absorb, meaning using a shampoo that includes parabens or sulphates isn’t necessarily just an external application. Eek.

Products made closer to home also mean a decrease in carbon-emitting transport costs, leading consumers to choose (in our case) Aussie-made products that reduce the effects of international freight. 

There are just so many reasons to shop locally and naturally!

Enter: Pure, one of the most celebrated Aussie haircare brands. Natural is the name of the game for this range. All products are free from those nasty parabens and sulphates, instead drawing on the power of natural oils and minerals.

Owned by Australian haircare megabrand Hairjamm, who also make our favourite Juuce haircare products, they have innovated Pure packaging so their bottles are derived from 100% Australian land waste plastic. Make sure you recycle your bottles when it’s time to restock too!


The Colour Optimising and Colour Angel ranges are your answer to conserving your radiant colour and preventing fade that occurs from regular washing and sun exposure.

The Colour Natural shampoo and conditioner use goodies including Acai oil, Shea butter and Mongogo oil to moisturise and repair coloured hair, while the Colour Optimising treatment and products utilise the glorious oil of Australia’s favourite native nut, the Macadamia. Yum!

When it comes to caring for colour, Pure know that one size does not fit all. Available in colour-specific products, you’re in good hands with the Colour Optimising range’s colour options.

Forever Blonde

Lifelong blondies will love the Forever Blonde range, made to minimise the effort that comes with being a blonde! Pure’s Organic Complex uses Melon oil, Shea butter and Argan oil to bring life back to dull or brassy blondes, with Blue Cypress pigment battling any yellowing strands for softer, brighter hair.

Try out the Forever Blonde system in a handy Trio pack.


Hydrate your hair back to Goddess status with the Goddess range. Designed to tackle dry hair, frizz and those strands that insist on walking their own path, this simple system of shampoo, conditioner and the Precious Ends treatment uses Pure’s Organic Complex as well as Shea butter, Argan and Marula oils to bring back soft and silky hair with regular use.


If prevention has passed and you’re in need of a cure, look no further than Pure’s Fusion range. Bond Repair and reconstructive remedy is the name of the game for Fusion, turning back the clock on damaged strands while giving hair that’s juuust holding on the strength it needs to come back swinging.

Powered by Pure’s infamous Organic Complex, as well as Ginger, Rosemary and Acai oils, it’s an antioxidant one-two that delivers UV, thermal and humidity defence. We will rebuild!


It’s okay to show your vulnerable side. Is your hair a delicate little flower that needs a bit of extra TLC? We hear you - us too. Made for hair that’s regularly hit with the heat tools, the sun or chemical treatments, the Precious range gently repairs weak, delicate and dry hair.


Scientists and product developers have their work cut out for them with hairspray and holding products. Hairsprays are notorious for drawing on unnatural baddies to hold your style in place for extended periods. Yet Pure’s Halo Spray cuts the mustard, allowing for natural movement while providing UV and thermal protection.

Curly girls can create shape with the Sensual Curls Cream, and everyone can enjoy the Pure Styling Cream for medium hold and a hearty dose of natural shine.

We’re huge fans of Pure haircare products at Salon Style, if you can’t tell by our huge range! Have a browse online, find your fit and enjoy Free Shipping on all orders over $50, plus Same Day Dispatch from our South Australian HQ! Happy shopping for your happiest hair.

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