Get to Know Davines: A Beacon of Sustainable Beauty


Back in 1983, nestled in the vibrant heart of Parma, Italy, the Bollati family embarked on a remarkable journey. 

They began creating a sanctuary for hair care, initially crafting products exclusively for salons. 

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It was a time of innovation, a decade of honing their skills and knowledge, transforming Davines into a beloved brand offering a range of Davines hair products that quickly became a big hit!

As time flew by, they spent a whole decade learning and getting better at what they did.

It was like watching a tree grow, slowly but surely, spreading its branches wide, reaching out to thousands of women worldwide who fell head over heels for the brand of Davines hair products.

The Visionary Behind the Brand

The Visionary Behind the Brand

Everything changed when Davide Bollati joined the Davines family in 1992. He brought with him dreams of sustainable beauty, a vision that urged people to take care of themselves and the planet. 

Under his guidance, Davines blossomed, finding new homes in places like the warm heart of Parma, the Davines Village, and even further, touching lives globally with their commitment to beauty and care.

Davide's vision of sustainable beauty wasn't just a dream. It slowly became a real, beautiful story that people could see and touch in every Davines product, a testament to the brand's dedication to nurturing both beauty and the environment.

A Journey Through Davines' Green Heart

A Journey Through Davines' Green Heart

From the get-go, Davines pledged to be a steward of Earth, embracing natural ingredients without harming our planet's resources. 

Their journey was marked by a commitment to fostering a "good life" for all, a beacon of beauty inspired by ethics and deep respect for nature.

This commitment is more than words; Davines became a certified B Corporation in 2016, a title that signifies the highest standards of social and environmental performance. 

Their journey didn't stop there. In 2019, they evolved into a Benefit Corporation, embedding their noble goals into their very foundation, becoming a role model in the industry.

In 2006, Davines spearheaded the Zero Environmental Impact campaign, encouraging stylists to create zero-impact salons and help reduce daily pollution. 

It’s a call to action that encourages individuals to be mindful and work towards creating a healthier world, a beacon of hope in the beauty industry.

Davines is always on the move, looking for the best ways to package their products without hurting the planet. 

They love using recycled stuff to pack their goodies, showing their deep respect and love for Earth, a testament to their innovative approach to cosmetic technologies.

Discover the Treasures in Davines' Product Range

Discover the Treasures in Davines' Product Range

Davines offers a sanctuary for every hair type, a haven where fine hair finds its comfort zone. 

Their range is a haven of natural ingredients, a place where each product, a testament to Italian traditions, nurtures not just your hair, but the environment too.

Dive into their Product Gems:

  • Davines OI Oil: A magic potion that fights frizz and gifts your hair a beautiful shine. It's like a shield, protecting your hair from heat and the sun, thanks to the power of roucou oil.
  • Davines OI All In One Milk: Think of this as a little sprinkle of love on your hair. A spray that does it all - hydrates, detangles, and controls frizz, leaving your hair soft and shiny.
  • Davines NOUNOU Conditioner: A friend to damaged or very dry hair, bringing back the softness and bounce. It's a hug in a bottle, with the goodness of olive butter, jojoba oil, and cherry oil.
  • Davines More Inside This Is A Blow Dry Primer: Your go-to buddy for styling, offering heat protection and adding body and hold to your hair. It's a time-saver, reducing drying time and bringing out the natural texture of your hair.

Celebrating Davines: A Titan of Sustainable Beauty

Celebrating Davines: A Titan of Sustainable Beauty

Davines stands as a titan in the beauty industry, a brand showered with accolades and love globally. Their journey is marked with prestigious awards, including repeated honours as the B Corp Best for the Environment awardee.

They didn't just want to be another name in the beauty business. They wanted to be different, to be better. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work, dreaming up hair products that are kind to our planet.

They didn't just stop at dreaming, though. They put their heart and soul into making products that are good for both people and the Earth, a beacon of hope in the world of hair care products exclusively designed to nurture and protect.

It's like they set a new rule in the beauty game, showing everyone that you can make awesome stuff without hurting our home.

This isn't just a story about a brand that sells shampoo and conditioner. It's a story about a group of people who looked at the beauty world and said, "We can do better." And guess what? They did!

They've shown that with a bit of love and a lot of hard work, you can create something truly special.

So here's to Davines, a true friend to our planet and a big name in the world of beauty. They've worked hard, and it shows. 

They've set the bar high, proving that beauty and care for our world can go hand in hand.

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