Get to Know: Biolage



When it comes to trusted names, Biolage is one of the haircare greats!

Biolage was founded by Arnie Miller in 1990, a hairdresser and entrepreneur seeking a better way to bring out hair’s natural beauty.

Over the last three decades, Biolage have built a global reputation as a market leader; both for the way their products make their customers feel, and for the way their process respects the environment along the way.

Their commitment to the future means all Biolage products are proudly cruelty free! This means they’re not tested on animals, and also stick to vegan formulas, with no animal-derived ingredients.

These professionals power their products with botanical oils and plant extracts - nature’s original salves and remedies. But armed with modern science, Biolage’s iconic formulas remain at the forefront of modern haircare.

At Salon Style, we’ve been bonkers for Biolage for years now. Designed to recover and support hair health using effective formulas combined with inspired natural ingredients, whether you’re a fine haired queen or struggling with a little scalp soreness, there’s a high performance Biolage product range for you.

Dry Hair

The HydraSource range is designed to rehydrate and repair dry hair, so whether you use the HydraSource Shampoo or Conditioner or not, the  HydraSource Daily Leave-In Tonic is a fabulous protection from environmental aggressors.

Using the wonderful natural healing and hydrating power of the Aloe plant, spritz it on for a dose of protection that instantly renews shine and moisturises. Plus, it’s colour safe!

If knots go hand in hand with your brittle hair, the HydraSource Detangling Solution is the conditioner you need. Lightweight enough to use every day and great for fine to medium hair that’s dry or very dry, the Detangling Solution brings instant moisture to control static and flyaways for detangled, smoother hair.

Thin Hair

Body is not to be taken for granted, especially when it doesn’t come naturally, or it’s beginning to thin. Help your hair along with the Biolage FullDensity range. Fortifying hair with Biotin, enjoy reduced breakage and full-looking hair. The  FullDensity Conditioner attaches to every strand in a lightweight manner to nourish your hair, piece by piece!

Deep Clean

Normalise salon-quality products at home! Biolage’s Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo is the deep cleanser you need to remove all product build-up and environmental baddies, like chlorine if you’re a swimmer. 

Using fresh Lemongrass to clean hair without stripping it’s natural oils, this paraben-free formula works wonderfully on fine or coarse, damaged or coarse, straight or curly hair!

Coloured Locks

Like a bright and blooming Orchid, the ColorLast range is designed to keep your colour salon fresh. Inspired by flora and natural botanicals, the ColorLast Conditioner extends the life of your coloured hair and helps to maintain colour’s depth, tone and shine.

Low pH in formulation and utilising both the Orchid flower and a UV complex, your coloured locks will remain soft and hydrated at every stage of your haircare cycle.

Scratchy Scalps

There are few hair concerns quite as frustrating as dandruff. It can make you feel self-conscious, awkward and just a little bit icky! But it’s not your fault; and we can fix it!

Biolage’s ScalpSync range is a three-in-one solution for all your dandruff concerns. Beginning with the ScalpSync Antidandruff Shampoo, this range uses Pyrithione Zinc to control the appearance of flakes, relieve that pesky irritation, and finally eliminate dandruff!

The Biolage bottles have a fresh new look, but it’s the same winning benefits for their customers! Now proudly displaying badges for the Leaping Bunny, certifying an entirely cruelty-free operation, the Biolage brand is a winner in our eyes.

Find your hair’s naturally fluid movement and soft to touch finish with Biolage at Salon Style, your online destination for the very best in science-based and cruelty-free haircare.

Zoe Evans

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