Avoid dry hair this summer

The summer months can be trying on your hair, with wind, sun, chlorine, salt and air conditioning, it doesn’t take long for hair to become dry, fizzy and dull.  Use the following tips to help prevent this from happening to your hair.

To begin with, pick the right type of shampoo and conditioner. Consider using one that nourishes and moisturises, such as, 
Keune Care Vital Nutrition or Nak Nourishing.  If you have issues other than dryness you may want to continue using your current shampoo and adding a moisturising conditioner.

Whenever possible allow hair to dry naturally, avoid adding extra heat.  However, if you’d rather dry your hair use a leave in conditioner
to help hair stay moisturised.  If you must use heat styling tools always remember to apply a thermal protection product beforehand.

If you plan on using the pool or ocean prepare your hair before going into the water by using a UV protection spray, such as, 
Keune Care Sun Shield Oil or Moroccanoil Glimmer and Shine.  This will give your hair an extra layer of protection against chlorinated and salty water.  You can also use this product even if you’re not going swimming as it will help protect your hair against UV rays and help keep it conditioned during the day.  Whenever in direct sunlight try wearing a hat as this will also keep your hair protected. 

It is also important to remember that exposing hair to the sun and water that is chlorinated or salty can cause coloured hair to fade. Over summer include a hair product that will shield colour as well as offer UV protection, such as, 
Juuce Solar Enz or Keune So Pure Color Care Leave-In Spray.  This will help combat the damaging effects of the sun, pool and ocean on your hair colour. 

If after tying all of the above, you still find your hair needs a little extra moisture and/or repair use a treatment or mask every two weeks to a month.  Preferably use a product with high quality oils such as Davroe Replenish Treatment or Maroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.

Protecting your hair over summer will help keep your hair looking its best all year round and save you from having to treat and repair your hair at the seasons end.


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