Are You Using The Right Shampoo For Your Hair?

Everybody knows what shampoo is, and what it does, don’t they? But this is where it gets a little bit more confusing, there are tons of different types of shampoos out there and it's important to choose the type of shampoo that is best suited for your hair.


Clarifying shampoos are used to rough up the hair’s cuticle and get right in there to thoroughly clean the root. You should use this type of shampoo to cleanse your scalp thoroughly when you feel as though there is a build up of product in your hair or before you go in to have a permanent hair colour or styling treatment.


Volumizing shampoo was created to get inside of the cuticle, open it up and make it thicker. Pick a shampoo with ingredients that won’t weigh your hair down so it will rinse away easily and give your hair a full fluffy look without weighing it down.


Smoothing shampoo is designed to straighten and tame the hair. These types of shampoo usually include silicone or oil which coats the strands of hair helping them to lay flat. When using a smoothing shampoo and a heat straightening tool the result is the sleekest hair you could achieve.


If your hair is professionally coloured a shampoo specially tailored to colour treated hair. If your hair is colour treated we recommend you use shampoo for coloured hair. The best hair products for hair that has been dyed will include ingredients like oils, sea kelp or algae, to successfully keep your colour sealed in tact. 


Alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo works for most any hair type. Sulfates are detergents and while sulfate-based shampoos are great for cleaning oil and dirt from your hair, they can be seriously damaging and drying, causing things such as split ends. Natural products can be much more moisturising and keep coloured hair looking more healthy. 

No matter which shampoo you choose to use, make sure that it is the right one for your hair. If you choose the wrong type it could strip your hair of its natural oils and cause split ends, or produce additional build up. If you are unsure of what type of hair you have make an appointment.

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