Affordable Luxury: Your Haircare Routine Under $85!


Who says you have to splurge every time to maintain a fabulous hair care routine? If your wallet has been holding you back from achieving those voluminous hair dreams, we've got some fantastic news for you!

Tame frizz, intensify curls, and ensure your hair radiates with health and shine — all without burning a hole in your pocket. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not.



We've spent hours sifting through products, and guess what? We've handpicked the crème de la crème of haircare products that won't cost you a fortune.

So, if you're ready to revolutionise your haircare routine and keep it budget-friendly, you're in the right place.

Let's embark on this journey together and discover how to achieve a top-tier haircare routine on a budget!

Paul Mitchell: Your Secret to Lustrous, Healthy Hair Even on Damp Days

Paul Mitchell

When it comes to achieving that salon-fresh feel, Paul Mitchell stands out as a beloved gem in the haircare world.

Ever had those days when your damp hair feels lifeless and lacks that natural bounce? Here's the good news: with Paul Mitchell's high-performing range, especially their Tea Tree Special lineup, you're just a wash away from transforming those lacklustre locks into a radiant mane.

And the best part? Achieving this hair transformation won't cost you a fortune.

Total: $68.69

VitaFive CPR: The Ultimate Solution to Frizz-Free, Luminous Locks

VitaFive CPR

We all dream of stepping out with hair that looks like it's straight out of a shampoo commercial — bouncy, voluminous hair that catches the light just right.

But let's be real, frizzy hair days can often dampen those dreams. Enter VitaFive CPR. This brand understands the heartbreak of a bad hair day and has crafted the perfect solution.

With their CPR Frizz Control range, not only can you tame frizz and unruly strands, but you'll also gift your hair the shine it truly deserves.

Imagine hair that's smooth to the touch, easy to manage, and radiates a healthy glow — that's the VitaFive promise.

wave goodbye to those pesky flyaways and embrace hair that's the envy of all. Trust us, VitaFive CPR is your best bet!

Total: $75.85

RPR: Achieve Your Dream Blonde with a Flawless Toning Touch

RPR's Amiplex Enrich Blonde

Blonde hair, whether it's a sun-kissed balayage or a striking ombré, is undeniably gorgeous.

But maintaining that pristine blonde shade can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle against brassiness and bad hair days.

If you've been on the hunt for that magic potion that keeps your blonde locks looking fresh and vibrant, RPR's Amiplex Enrich Blonde Toning range might just be your hair's new best friend.

Crafted meticulously for blonde enthusiasts, this range doesn't just brighten and tone; it ensures your hair's natural colour pops and remains intensified, giving you that salon-fresh look every single day.

So, if you're dreaming of turning heads with your radiant blonde tresses and saying goodbye to those unexpected brassy tones, let RPR guide you to your hair's best potential.

Total: $74.85

Muk: Step Up Your Hair Game with Revitalised Curls

Intense Muk Repair

We all yearn for hair that feels as good as it looks — bouncy curls that intensify with every turn and strands that radiate health and vitality.

But, let's face it, life, heat styling, and environmental factors can sometimes leave our hair feeling less than perfect.

If you've been battling with damaged tresses and dreaming of curls that bounce with joy, Intense Muk Repair range is about to become your hair's new best ally.

Designed as a potent hair perfector, this range doesn't just promise; it delivers.

From deeply nourishing your hair to acting as a moisture mask for those pesky imperfections, it's all about rejuvenating from root to tip. And that enviable shine? Consider it a bonus!

Total: $83.85

Discover Your Best Hair Days with Salon Style

Best Hair Days with Salon Style

Let's face it, we all crave that salon-fresh feeling — the bounce, the shine, the confidence that comes with a great hair day.

But who said you need to splurge every time to get that luxurious touch? With Salon Style, achieving that dream hair is now within reach.

Say goodbye to those unpredictable bad hair days! Dive into our curated collection, find your perfect styling products, and let your hair do the talking.

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