7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties


What are your plans for your Galentine's Day date?

(We’ve got Leslie Knope to thank for that. If you know, you know.)

It’s a day (not quite holiday) made to celebrate friendships just before Valentine’s Day. It’s celebrated every February 13 and it’s perfect for both single and coupled-up gals looking for companionship and energy.

7 Awesome Galentine’s Day Date Activities to Enjoy With Your Friends

Have a spa day!

7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties

Being strong independent women is hard work! Therefore, you deserve to get pampered. 

Now if you're still concerned about going out, build a spa experience at home with just a few products like face masks and nail polish. This way, you can spend more time together without worrying about stalling other customers. 

Afterwards, it's time to break out the mimosas!

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Shop together

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Retail therapy is not a substitute for real therapy but we’ll be lying if we say it doesn’t help.

Schedule a day together and shop for each other. Unleash your inner Carrie Bradshaw and model your favourite pieces, have a laugh, and take some silly photos. In short, have fun! 

The next time you wear what you bought together, it’s sure to bring back great memories of the day.

Get your hair done together

7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties - 3

Tired of your old hairstyle or just looking for change?

Do it with your best girls! New hairstyles can take some time getting used to but with your friends there to hype you up? You’ll be feeling yourself right off the bat.

Most importantly, don’t forget to grab your favourite purple shampoo!

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Cook a meal together

7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties - 4

How does the saying go? Friends that eat together, stay together?

Something like that.

Therefore, take it a step further and create your own 4 course menu with all your favourite meals. Do the grocery shopping together and have fun watching each other try to figure out what a julienne and chiffonade are.

Afterwards, sit down, light some candles and enjoy your hard work!


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Have a slumber party

7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties - 5

Nobody’s ever too old for a good, classic slumber party. 

As adults, it’s even better! You’ve got access to your adult money for all the things you want for your slumber party. Firstly, bring out the sweets, wine, and all your guilty pleasures!

Then it's time to play some classic games and while you’re at it and use it to catch up. Truth or Dare, or Never Have I Ever are great games to start with. 

After that, don’t forget to apply serums and night creams to look fresh after a late night!

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Go to a class together

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Learning something together is a sure-fire way to keep in touch, whether it’s yoga, pottery, or even a new language. But going with friends is much more fun than going alone, so grab your friends and enjoy having an accountability partner and cheerleader all in one! 

You can even take home the product of your labor at the end of the day as one of your friendship Galentine’s Day Date memento.

Visit an old haunt

7 Galentine's Day Date Ideas With Your Besties - 7

If you’re feeling nostalgic, visit an old haunt with your oldest gal friends. For example, you could visit the old school you went to together, an old restaurant from your uni days or a friend’s former apartment building. 

Visiting these places will make you realise just how far you guys have come and what better way to end Galentine’s Day Date than that? 

Galentine's Day Date Ideas

Enjoy your Galentine’s Day!  

You go, gal! Visit our blog for more helpful information and tips.