Vita Five

VitaFive CPR Fortify Renew Intensive Treatment 170ml



VitaFive CPR Fortify Renew Intensive Treatment is a rich conditioning treatment that delivers a balanced protein and hydration formula to renew hair from cortex to cuticle. Hair feels softer, and is easier to manage, with a beautiful shine.

Sulphate free, Paraben free, No added salt, Never tested on animals.


  • Renew overworked & distressed hair
  • Reconstruct, replenish & revive
  • Intensive cortex reinforcement
  • Inca Omega Oil: A potent golden health oil. Seals split ends & reduces breakage.
  • QWS Complex: Powerful combination of protein for correcting the cortex to cuticle.
  • Wheat protein: Mirco-proteins penetrate hair cortex for deep repair, strength & protection.
  • 18-MEA Lipid Repair: Restores the cuticles natural protection. Strengthens & fortifies hair.
  • Panthenol: Deep penetrating, long lasting moisturiser.

    Gently cleanse with FORTIFY REPAIR Sulphate Free shampoo.

    To be used weekly in place of conditioner. After cleansing, squeeze excess water from hair, apply a liberal amount of FORTIFY RENEW Omega Rich Treatment to mid-lengths and ends and work through hair. Leave for 3-10 minutes. Rinse.

    Avoid rubbing your hair dry, as it can make hair frizzy or brittle. Instead, squeeze or wrap hair with a towel as this is more gentle on the cuticle.

    For a total transformation use with the complete "FORTIFY Solution" range

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