Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden CarboSilk Comb - Cutting C5


Olivia Garden CarboSilk Cutting Combs are made from a high quality unique carbon material that is lightweight, rigid and heat resistant up to 230℃. The special anti-slip grip and smooth design makes this cutting comb ideal for sectioning, tinting, waving, cutting and styling. 


  • Length: 18.5cm
  • Made from a unique lightweight and durable carbon material
  • Heat resistant up to 230℃
  • Smooth finish that gently glides through hair
  • Ideal for sectioning, tinting, waving, cutting and styling
  • Anti-static
  • Chemical proof

Use Olivia Graden CarboSilk Cutting Comb C5 for sectioning hair, waving and general styling with heat tools.

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