Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden Aurora Detangler (Fine - Medium Hair)


Olivia Garden's Aurora Detangler Brush for Fine-Medium Hair is a revolutionary and patented brush that comes equipped with a scalp-hugging design which actively massages the scalp and promotes healthy hair as well as features a completely removable cushion that can be easily washed to maintain cleanliness. Simply press on opposite sides of the cushion on the grooved lines with two fingers to remove the cushion! 

This pink cushioned brush has special bristles that are perfect for gently detangling wet or dry fine to medium hair.

  • Gives scalp massage while detangling wet or dry hair
  • Detangles gently, easily and pain free
  • Fine-Medium hair
  • Easy to remove cushion to keep clean at all times
  • Bristles actively massage the scalp & help promote healthy hair
  • Detangling brush
  • Patented scalp hugging design
  • Removable cushion so you can keep your brush completely clean, even behind the cushion
  • Comfortable ball point tips

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