Milk_Shake Make My Day Duo Pack 2023


The milk_shake Make My Day Duo Pack is an enriching set designed to elevate your daily hair care regimen. It comprises the Make My Day Shampoo and Conditioner, both infused with alluring fragrances. The shampoo, with its luxurious formula, not only offers a thorough cleanse but also imparts a remarkable shine and softness. Suited for all hair types, it respects the hair's protective layer, ensuring gentleness. The conditioner complements the shampoo, providing exceptional detangling and conditioning without adding weight to your hair.

Both products are beautifully formulated to provide the ideal balance between cleansing and nourishing, leaving your locks refreshed, glossy, and pleasantly scented. Experience a transformative shower routine, basking in the creamy consistency and enchanting aroma of the milk_shake Make My Day Duo Pack.

Duo includes:

1 x milk_shake Make My Day Shampoo 300ml The new simple haircare routine that will transform the cleansing routine to start the day with a smile.

1 x milk_shake Make My Day Conditioner 250ml A creamy milk texture with a gorgeous fragrance that helps to detangle and smooth hair without weighing the hair down.

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