Jeval Rain, Hail or Shine Anti Humidity Spray 200ml



This stuff is the bee's knees! Every time you put it on, (a) your hair totally loves you and (b) everyone around notices. This sleek and lightweight formula is specially formulated to tackle frizz and dryness.

Simply spray it onto your hair before styling for magnetically smooth locks that won't crinkle in damp weather; it provides heat protection from thermal styling tools. Giving women worldwide freedom to refuse the hassle of heavy duty products come rain or shine, hail or thunderstorm: rely on Jeval Rain for all things humidity proof; smoothing mats like a pro!


  • Quinoa: Rich in essential vitamins and minerals to help prevent breakage and repair any damage
  • Chia Seed Oil: Rich in antioxidants with antiaging properties to supply essential vitamins and minerals

Divide hair into 2-3 sections and spray roots to ends to distribute evenly through hair. Comb through and blow dry to the desired style.

• Rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
• Prevents and repairs damage.
• Prevents breakage.

• Rich Antioxidants with anti-ageing properties.
• Supplies essential vitamins and minerals.

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