Jeval Insanely Cool Intense Silver Shampoo 400ml



Jeval Intense Silver Shampoo: completely insane and incredibly cool!
Sure that this shampoo provides all the traditional benefits of a cleansing shampoo . . like gentle cleansing, toning capacity, removing warm tones, but the real draw is the "insanely cool" part of the product name. Jeval Insanely Cool Intense Silver Shampoo has an intense and powerful toning capacity for removal of warm and yellow tones. So whether it's naturally blonde hair going into fall, or brunette hair taking on some new chemically treated highlights, the action begins right in your shower with this uniquely satisfying cleansing experience!

Tip: leave on for longer for ultimate toning results!

Apply to wet hair. Lather from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

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