Goldwell DualSenses Just Smooth 6 Effects Serum 100ml



Tame Your Tresses with Goldwell Just Smooth Serum!

Frizzy, unruly hair can often have a mind of its own, making your hair styling routine a daily battle. But what if you had a secret weapon?

The Goldwell DualSenses Just Smooth 6 Effects Serum steps in as your trusted ally, bringing harmony and manageability to your hair!


  • Frizz-Free: Say goodbye to frizz, with a formula that works to keep your hair smooth and under control.

  • Humidity Resistant: Don't let the weather dictate your hair's mood, with effective humidity control that maintains your style.

  • Easy Taming: Enjoy the ease of taming unruly strands, making your morning routine a breeze.

  • Enhanced Manageability: Experience the joy of hair that's easy to manage, offering a smooth canvas for any style.


  • Multi-Benefit Serum: A single product that offers six distinct benefits, simplifying your hair care routine.

  • Natural Shine: Infuses your hair with a natural shine that reflects health and vitality.

  • Smooth Operator: Works to smooth your hair, making it a willing partner in your styling adventures.

  • Suitable for Frizzy Hair: Specifically designed for unruly and frizzy hair, it's a solution that understands and addresses your hair's needs.

    Take 1 or 2 pumps and work through towel-dried or dry lengths and ends. Leave in.

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