Fanola Botugen-Reconstructive Supersize Duo 1L

This Fanola Reconstructive Duo helps repair damaged and brittle hair and its creamy formula facilitates the internal reconstruction process providing volume, body and tone to the hair.
Duo contains:

Fanola Botolife Restructuring Shampoo for Damaged Hair 1L
pH 5.5 / 6.5
Reconstructive shampoo for brittle and damaged hair
Gently cleanses the hair, favouring the internal reconstruction process. Thanks to its delicate sulfate-free and salt-free formula, it restores the hair's natural protein balance.
Use: Distribute carefully on damp hair, emulsify and rinse. Repeat application if necessary.
Fanola Botolife Restructuring Mask Damaged Hair 1L
pH 4.5
Restorative mask for brittle and damaged hair
Its rich, dense and creamy formula seals the hair scales, facilitating the internal reconstruction process. Effectively detangles hair.
Use: Apply to towel-dried hair on lengths and ends, massaging for 5 minutes from base to length. Leave to act for 5 minutes and then rinse.

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