Davroe CURLiCUE Rapid Dry Hair Wrap



Doesn't it boggle your mind that we now have a technology to dry hair quicker and more efficiently without causing damage? The Davroe Hair Wrap is an all-natural, super absorbent fiber that removes the need for heat or friction while reducing time by 50%. This ingenious invention not only minimizes frizzies, but also defines curls and leaves hair cuticle smoother! Complete with a button and loop closure to keep it in place, our Hair Wrap is effortless to use.


  • Fast, convenient drying, that leaves hair smoother and shinier.
  • Made of highly absorbent, lightweight fibers
  • Removes the need for heat or friction; reducing frizz, defining curls, and leaving the hair cuticle smoother
  • Reduces reduces drying time by 50%
  • Vegan Friendly

Gently squeeze excess water from washed hair. Flip head forward, placing towel over the back of the head with the button at the nape of the neck. Twist the towel until slightly tought and flip over to the back of the head. Secure loop over button to hold in place.

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