Why ZipPay is better than the rest!

It’s easy to lose track of how many times you’ve hit the Pay Now button on multiple sites when you're on a mid week online shopping spree… then you look at your bank account weeks later and question whether you’ve been robbed. When in reality you’ve just realised that the four easy payments, on four different sites are now charging your account every week and you have no control over it. Inconvenient right?

ZipPay is a little different and that’s why it’s better! Rather than having every separate purchase deduct in four payments over two months, ZipPay allows you to have them all in one place and allows you to choose how much you want coming out of your account and when. It’s flexible and ALWAYS INTEREST FREE.

ZipPay gives you a $1000 limit and as long as you have the total balance paid within 45 days of purchase, you will pay no fees either. Even if you’ve spoilt yourself and can’t pay the balance in 45 days the fee is only $6 per month!

All you need to do is a quick 45 second sign up and make sure you make the minimum monthly repayment of $40 and then shop away knowing you’re not going to have any surprises when it’s time to pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zip Pay?

Zip Pay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution powered by Zip Money Payments. Zip Pay gives you the ability to buy now, and pay later for purchases – without a credit card. Once approved, you get access to a new shopping account that allows you to pay back with total flexibility over time. It’s simple to use and specifically designed to help you manage your online spending.

How does Zip Pay work

Zip Pay and Salon Style offer you flexibility when paying for your purchases. Everyone is different and you might like to pay weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

Browse and shop with Salon Style as you normally would, then on the checkout page select Zip Pay as your payment method. First-time customers go through a quick sign-up process, returning customers can login to their existing account.

Once you have finalised your order, Salon Style ships your order immediately. You can then login to your Zip Pay account to view your balance, payments and customise your instalment information. 

Fees & Charges
Zip Pay requires zero establishment fees to setup your account, and there is no interest applied on any purchases. Zip Pay allows you to buy now and gives you the time until the end of the following month from your date of purchase to make your payment without incurring a fee. However, if you do go over this time without paying the balance your monthly account keeping fee is only $6!