Lisap Keraplant Nature Sebum-Regulating Shampoo 250ml


A sebum regulating shampoo that gently cleanses the hair, rebalancing the scalp.


  • Free of parabens, colourants and silicones
  • Made with certified natural fragrances
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for normalising sebaceous gland function
  • Frees up the skin and hair from imperfections and irritations caused by excessive sebum and by the formation of bacterial flora


  • Celery Seed Extract: improves the health and comfort of the scalp, as well as the beauty of the hair.
  • Sebomine: antimicrobial and antibacterial action, regulating and normalising excessive sebum secretion.
  • Juniper Essential Oil: depurative, draining and anti-inflammatory actions, reducing the problem of acne and oily skin.

Apply the product directly onto a damp scalp (if the Keraplant Nature Mud and Keraplant Nature Sebum-Regulating Essential Oil treatment has been carried out previously) or onto a dry scalp, with a light massaging action. Leave to act for 3 minutes. Emulsify and rinse. Once you have shampooed the scalp, shampoo the lengths properly.

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