GK Hair

GK Hair Cashmere Hair Cream 50ml


GK Hair Cashmere is a versatile hair smoothening cream that can be used for any hair type. The hair smoothening cream also helps prolong your hairstyle while keeping it healthy and natural looking. 


  • This lightweight smoothing cream
  • Adds shine to your hair
  • Helps prolong your hairstyle
  • Keeps hair healthy and natural-looking


  • Juvexin: a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Protects against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each hair strand. 
  • Argan Oil: has become an essential ingredient to style and make the hair manageable, defines a softer and silkier look and uncovers the hair’s natural shine. 
  • Natural Plant Oils: help repair split ends and frizzy hair. 

    Apply to wet or dry hair.  Massage thoroughly on your scalp and hair. Style hair as desired.