Comfort Zone Active Pureness Gel 200ml


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Comfort Zone Active Pureness Gel is a purifying cleanser that facilitates the removal of the superficial dead skin cells, reducing the blockage of the pores and therefore preventing the formation of blackheads.  This exfoliating cleansing gel clears pores of make-up and excess sebum, leaving the skin purified, smooth and matte.

Suitable for impure, oily and acne-prone skins. Recommended for male skins and in hot, humid climates.


  • Sebum normalising cleanser
  • Delicate exfoliating formula
  • Unisex product
  • 94% natural-origin ingredients
  • Free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and animal derivatives  


  • Gluconolactone 3%:  poly-hydroxy acid with an exfoliating action
  • Arginine: contrasts the acidic pH of gluconolactone and carries out a hydrating action
  • Mangosteen extract: promotes an antioxidant and antibacterial action, halting the processes which lead to the development of acne 


Apply to dry skin, massage delicately for a few seconds and then carefully rinse. Avoid the eye area.

It is suitable to use under the shower on the areas of the body that are prone to impurities.

It is recommended, particularly during summer months, to apply an SPF cream afterwards.