Anesi Lab Institute Luminosity SPF 50+ 50ml

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Anesi Lab Institute Luminosity SPF 50+ is a liquid emulsion formulated with sunscreen for ultimate protection. Prevents pigment spots caused by the sun and photo-aging. Its soft and light texture leaves the face feeling silky to the touch.

Perfect for all skin types.


  • Enhances UV coverage, providing ultimate safety and efficiency
  • Prevents new spots from appearing and existing ones from spreading
  • Stimulates oxygen flow to the skin, without saturating it, allowing the pores to breathe
  • Safer skin with better protection from solar rays whilst staying hydrated
  • With its soft and silky texture, it is perfect for all skin types
  • Essential in the summer, and winter when exposed to the sun


Made from thermally reversible hydrogel with physical sunscreen. The unique properties of this Hydrogel help form a thin and smooth film on the skin surface, spreading the SPF sunscreens evenly and in turn enhancing UV protection and their efficiency.


Apply in the morning as a final protective layer and before applying make-up.