Anesi Harmonie Capital Serenite Masque 50ml

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Anesi Harmonie Capital Serenite Masque contains a balanced combination of soothing, moisturising, protective and restorative active ingredients that show instant results on the face, relaxing and releasing the built-up tension.


  • De-stresses skin and releases built-up tension
  • Alleviates the roughness and tightness typical of dry skin types
  • Strengthens the skin's self-defence system
  • Hides redness and immediately soothes irritation
  • Emergency treatment for irritated and fragile skin
  • Its soft, light and thin texture is easy to apply and remove
  • Provides sensitive skin with extra protection against aggressive external agents
  • Nourishes the skin with soothing, moisturising, regenerative, protective and restorative active ingredients
  • Vidalys Soothing Complex: phyto-marine complex with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginkgo Biloba: regulates capillary permeablity
  • Hypericum Oil: strengthens capillaries. Decongestant and soothing.
  • Oligophycocorail: seaweed that boosts the skin's defence mechanisms
  • Aloe Vera: reduces and prevents redness
  • Alpha Bisabolol: soothes irritation


After removing make-up, apply an even layer, making sure to avoid the area around the eyes and lips. Allow it to take effect for 10 minutes. Remove and enhance results with Caresse Parfaite Lotion.