Anesi Dermo Controle Gel Mousse 200ml

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Anesi Dermo Controle Gel Mousse is a cleanser with power cleansing action that gently gets rid of impurities. Formulated with kelp, it has healing properties and a fruity complex characterised by its moisturising, purifying and softening action.

Suitable for oily skin.


  • Improves skin quality thanks to its purifying and sebum-control active ingredients
  • Cleanses and unclogs the skin in just a few seconds
  • Gets rid of impurities whilst respecting the balance of the skin's natural moisturising factor
  • Leaves skin looking clearer, perfectly cleansed and shine-free
  • A soft and rich mousse that is rinsed easily with warm water
  • Provides a pleasant and fresh feeling
  • Prolonged use does not dry or disrupt the skin's natural pH balance


Cytobiol Iris A Complex

  • Iris Germanica Root Extract: decongestant properties
  • Zinc: enzyme regulating and antiseptic
  • Vitamin A: stimulates cell renewal

Vidalys Oily Skin Complex

  • Laminaria Digitata: regulates sebaceous secretion
  • Hydralphatine 3P: fruit complex with purifying action


    Place a small amount of gel on palm of hand and add warm water.  Gently rub with fingers to form a mousse. Spread over face and neck, gently massaging with circular movements avoiding contact with eyes and nostrils.  Carefully rinse with a warm, damp towel.  Dry with a paper tissue.  Repeat this process if the skin is heavily made-up.  Follow up with Lotion Controle using a cotton pad.