Anesi Dermo Controle Emulsion Purifiante 50ml

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Anesi Dermo Controle Emulsion Purifiant is a balancing, silky-textured cream with a combination of sebum-control active ingredients, such as the complex Vidalys, which cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling moisturised and supple each day. With polyamide particles that maintain a shine-free appearance for longer.


  • Restores the skin's natural matte tone and regulates sebum secretion throughout the day
  • Controls microbial flora and prevents the appearance of blackheads
  • Hydrates the skin and enhances its elasticity
  • Combination of sebum-control active ingredients
  • Formula with Polyamide Powder that maintains the skin's matte appearance
  • It restores the skin's natural balance day after day
  • Cytobiol Iris A Complex: decongests and regenerates tissues
  • Vidalys Oil Skin Complex: regulates sebaceous secretion and cleanses the skin
  • Polyamide Powder: restores the skin's matt tone
  • Silicone Fluid: feeling of well-being and oil-free hydration
  • Sunscreen: for UV protection


Apply to cleansed skin every morning after using the T-Zone Serum. Massage until fully absorbed.