Activance Enhance Leave-In Treatment Nutrient Booster 80ml


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Activance Enhance is designed to help restore the natural goodness in your hair that everyday stresses constantly deplete.

Regular use of Activance Enhance boosts the vital hair nutrients Rhodanide, MSM and amino acids, helping to maintain general hair and scalp health.

Recommended for those who want to:

  •     Replenish nutrient-depleted hair
  •     Re-energise lifeless or slow-growing hair
  •     Improve hair condition and manageability

Activance Enhance  is a nutritient booster for all hair types, containing extracts from pure essentials oils including orange blossom, geranium and rose. It’s made to be gentle on scalps while helping to foster ideal growing conditions.


  • Contains no silicones, artificial colours, chemical preservatives, parabens or hidden impurities
  • Weightless, non-sticky and residue free formula
  • Suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women


  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Spray over scalp an hair
  3. Massage in and style as usual

For best results, use regularly and before applying other products.

Note: Based on 50 years of scientific research and six years of clinical studies