The Salon Style Affiliate Program is designed for hair and beauty salon owners, hairdressers, beauticians as well as influencers.

Your clients already enjoy the convenience of being able to shop online, and our affiliate program allows you to benefit!

There are many reasons for a customer not to purchase their products in the salon.

It could be as simple as a lack of explanation on the importance of professional products from their stylist, or the customer feeling their empty pockets after spending their money on their hair or beauty service.

Whatever the reason, the reality is, everyone washes their hair…. We hope!

This means they are buying their products from somewhere.

Perhaps they walk out of the salon and straight to the closest haircare store offering a cheaper price, or maybe they conveniently pick up their haircare in the supermarket.

But maybe, your customers are buying haircare online, right under your nose. The reality is, the online hair and beauty industry is growing by 30% year by year!

We’re here to help.

Benefits of the program to your Salon:

  • 10% of all sales put through your unique url – paid monthly (with the ability to login and see how their account is tracking)
  • Ability to promote your URL through social media platforms to encourage more sales, and more money for you!
  • No risk of getting in debt with suppliers
  • No stagnant stock sitting on shelves costing you money
  • Customers using professional products – Makes every stylists day easier!

Benefits to your customer:

  • Freedom to purchase at any time
  • Ability to purchase products that may be out of stock at their salon
  • Access to sales and discounts on specific products offered by Salon Style
  • The option to purchase other products offered on the Salon Style website, eg; skincare, electrical products, gift packs, brands you don't stock
  • Opportunity to earn loyalty points within the salon style website
  • Stay up to date on current fashions, popular products
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50

Becoming a Salon Style affiliate helps you to cover all bases. Your salon is able to offer your customer online convenience, while you still benefit!

Enjoy reduced need for high stock levels in salon (reducing your outlay to hair companies) or opt for no stock at all - just refer your clients to your very own URL.

Example Unique URL

How to become a Salon Style Affiliate

It’s simple. All we need is:

  • A few of your salon details to set up your dashboard
  • Your promotion preferences (Mirror stickers, business cards, etc)
  • …Then tell us where to pay your commission rewards!

To become an affiliate contact us at and we'll handle the rest!


Brands excluded: Evo, Moroccanoil, Olaplex, Reuzel, Lakme, Denman