Winter skin fixes

The cooler weather has now well and truly set in and with it comes all the troubles of dry hair and skin. Winter means less humidity and harsher conditions and while keeping warm tends to be our top priority, unfortunately heaters take even more moisture out of the air leading to further skin problems. You may notice chapped lips more than usual, or that cold has resulted in a dry, flaky nose. Or you might just have overall dry, tight skin that needs some extra attention. We’ve got our top winter products below, along with some clever tips to help you get through this cold season with that glowing, radiant complexion.

One of our first tips is exfoliation. Your skin is more susceptible to absorbing your serums and moisturisers when you have ridded it from dead skin cell build up. This allows optimum penetration and the achieves the best results from your regime. 

Aspect Exfoliating Cleanser

An exfoliating foaming cleanser that combines the power of AHA's and BHA's to clarify dull skin by removing excess oil and build-up of dirt and debris Suitable for all skin types; ideal for oily and problematic skin. Can also be used by men prior to shaving.

DIRECTIONS: Use 2-3 times a week initially and increase frequency as tolerated. Dispense 2–3 pumps and emulsify with water. Massage onto face using circular motions. Remove with a damp cloth using a gentle, sweeping action. Repeat process if wearing makeup or water resistant sunscreen.

Stay hydrated. This may seem obvious but if you’re anything like me, I tend to drink more water in the hotter months and opt for a nice hot chocolate or coffee when it’s cold. You can still have your warming cuppa but keep a bottle of water on your desk or kitchen bench and make a habit of having some each time you look at it. You’ll quickly notice how easy it can be to have the recommended 2 litres a day.

Chapped lips are just the worst! They can lead to painful splits in the skin if not treated and take longer to heal. Some times caused by having a cold and breathing through your mouth while sleeping, a humidifier to increase moisture in the air while you sleep as well as a hydrating and protecting lip balm.

Asap hydrating lip balm

Protect and perfect lips with asap hydrating lip balm+ SPF 15. Packed with antioxidant protection to minimise environmental damage and breakdown of collagen, this supercharged lip balm keeps lips plump, healthy, and protected Fortified with conditioning vitamins and oils, the asap hydrating lip balm+ SPF 15 hydrates lips and creates a barrier against water loss and dryness/flaking to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration.

Give your skin the ultimate protection. We can’t hide inside all winter, so our next best option is to ensure is skin is protected from the elements. Reduce the impact of harsh weather buy creating a barrier on the skin.

Bioline Jato Linea Vita+ Cold Cream 100ml

Has a barrier effect treatment with extraordinary nourishing and soothing properties. Intense protection against cold, wind and extreme weather conditions, bringing instant relief and well-being to the face. 

DIRECTIONS:  Apply on the face and neck in the morning and evening and massage until completely absorbed.

Be sure to exfoliate and hydrate your whole body. We put so much effort into our face care but often neglect the rest of our body. Give a thorough exfoliation in the shower and follow up with a hydrating moisturiser while your skin is still warm.

ECOCOCO Coconut & Lime Body Butter 280ml

Enriched with Shea butter and Sunflower Seed Oil, this product delivers deep moisturising properties with a zesty and tropical lime twist that invigorates and hydrates the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Massage into skin for instant hydration.

Don’t forget your feet! Another area we seem to overlook is our feet. Dry, cracked heels are hidden away in warm socks that don’t help our feet heal. Using a pumice stone or foot file to work away any callouses or dry skin build up, followed by a nourishing foot cream. Apply in the evening before bed to allow optimum penetration while you sleep!

Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Foot Cream 75ml

Specially formulated to treat dry areas with calluses and cracked skin; this creamy lotion is your essential beauty step for protected feet. 

DIRECTIONS: For maximum effectiveness, use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin before applying the Deeply Nourishing Foot Cream. As often as necessary; massage all over the feet, focusing on dry, rough or cracked areas.

By following these tips and using the right products for seasonal changes, you're giving your skin and body the best opportunity to stay glowing through winter. And who doesn't want to glow, right?!

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