Why professionals really hate supermarket hair products

Do you ever question if salon quality hair products are really worth the money you work so very hard for? More and more people are buying up salon quality products, but this blog is for those of you who are not quite sure why they make such a difference.

The intention of this blog is not to suggest you are doing anything wrong, but to provide you with information on how you could get the best quality, and optimum health for your hair. If you are looking to for some products that will do wonders for your hair without breaking the bank, check out our blog - Top 5 Affordable Professional Brands.

Why do the professionals care so much?

Everyone uses shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. The difference between supermarket brands and salon professional brands is the quality of ingredients used to manufacture the products.  Some of the ingredients in the supermarket brands can even be attributed to a number of hair concerns experienced by people.

So what is really in these products?

We all understand the appeal of supermarket products, they are affordable and convenient. The problem is that the super soft hair your supermarket product is providing is actually a coating from the filler in the product. Throughout the years that filler builds up creating static and frizz.

While your hair will begin feeling hydrated, that hydration is only being applied to the outside when it should be hydrated from the inside out for proper nourishment. By only concentrating on the outside, this leads to clogging of your hair follicle which prevents hair growth.

Another nasty ingredient is alcohol, extremely drying, and will strip your hair of the natural oils and proteins it needs to stay healthy.  The alcohol in these products will also strip your freshly coloured hair.

To maintain optimal health of your hair it is really important you consider the types of products you are using.  Particularly for those people who spend money on getting their professionally coloured it is very important to use products that are not going to strip or fade your colour.

Is it really worth the money?

Considering a number of supermarket brands contain water as their main ingredient, this tells you that these products are very diluted.  You may also find that you are re-buying these products every week or month. Salon Professional brands while costing slightly more last longer, from about 3-6 months and some every up to 12 months.  

In conclusion

Every person needs to find what works best for them.  We are not discouraging you from continuing to use supermarket haircare brands but to ask you to give salon products a try and who knows what you may discover.   

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