Which Pomade Is Right For Your Hair?

Pomades, how are you ever going to know what to choose? I am here to help no matter your style preferences, type of hold and finish or what hair type. No longer will you just grab this product because your friend uses it or that one because the guy before you got it so it must be good right? Likely it is a great product, however, it may not be so great for you specifically.
Pomade is a thick and waxy product that people generally use for a shiny or slick finish. It can be used to achieve well defined curls or waves as well as keeping straight hair straight.

Oil Based vs Water Based

Oil based pomades are formulated using a blend of fatty ingredients and grease (or petroleum) to produce shine and hold. They provide the strongest hold and provides the best wet look style and as such you do not need to use a lot of product. Typically oil-based pomades never dry thus allowing you to constantly rework your style. The Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold Pomade and the Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade are examples of oil based pomades. The only downfall is that it it will rarely come out with a single wash nor will it wash out using only water. Depending on the strength of your shampoo the grease from this pomade may or may not come out in a wash or two. The chances are it will take some experimentation with figuring out what works best for your hair. If you would prefer a simple, easy to wash styling product, oil based isn't for you, move along to water soluble. Getting this pomade out of your hair is just as much of a pain to get off of your hands.  
Water based pomades will still provide a medium to strong hold as well as the wet look your after but not as effective as the Petrolatum-based pomade so you may need to apply more to acheive the same look. However they will wash out easily with just water, no shampoo required. The Reuzel High Sheen Pomade and Urban Tribe 6.4 Freaky Pomade are both water based pomades. Water based pomades hold like wax but wash out as easily as a gel. While you don’t need to shampoo out these pomades you may want to condition to keep your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Hair Type

Whether your hair is thick or fine, there is a pomade that will be right for your. Just remember the thinner your hair, the more lightweight the product should be and the thicker or coarser your strands the heavinger the product should be.

For fellas with finer hair, typically you will need a pomade with less hold. For finer hair you are better off with a water based pomade that won't weigh the hair down. Stay away from extreme or strong hold pomades as they will make your hair look greasy and oily rather than weighty. Use a light or medium formula. The Pure Matte Pomade or Redken Brews Clay Pomade are all perfect for folks with fine hair, they will provide the hold you are seeking without the weight.

For those with thicker or courser hair the best pomade is an oil based one that requires less product to achieve results. Otherwise, if you want a water based pomade one that provides an extreme or strong hold is best but you may need to use more product to achieve the sames results.

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