Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays

Last chance to practice your beach waves before the summer heat officially ends with our Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays. Get some gritty, messy texture with one of our favourite products that will leave you tousled, messy and gorgeous!

1. Davines More Inside This Is A Sea Salt Spray

A styling spray made of sea salt that gives hair fullness and body with a matte finish for a beach look. 



  2. O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray

 A sea salt spray that adds texture to hair for that dunk-in-the-ocean look.  


 3. Juuce Sea Air Mist

A hair styling spray for natural. touchable beach textured hair with volume and movement.

Juuce Sea Air Mist 200ml









  4. Nak Surf Styler

A leave in sea salt styler that infuses the beach look into hair for natural, carefree, lived in style.

 Nak Surf Styler 250ml


    5. Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid

A volume wave aid spray infuses texture and creates waves for a big beachy style.

Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid 125ml