Top 5 Affordable Professional Brands

1. Fanola

Fanola is an Italian brand recently new to Salon Style. Chances are if you have blonde coloured hair you have heard of this one. Fanola is an incredible quality brand that actually produced the world's number 1 purple shampoo. Fanola is an extremely affordable brand so if you are looking to get salon quality products in an affordable way this is the brand for you. With the most expensive product valued at $59.95, the majority of the products are ranging from $25 to $40 and will last you

 2. Matrix Total Results

If you have ever been to a hair care store then I have no doubt that you already know about Matrix.The Matrix Total Results range is extremely affordable with most litre bottle prices ranging between $20 and $30. This range is true to what it claims to do and will nourish your hair in the ways shampoo and conditioner should.

3. Davroe

Looking for something that is high quality, affordable and natural? Davroe is perfect if you are looking for vegan styling products on a budget. This brand has something for every hair type. If you are after defined curls or a straight, sleek style, Davroe has got something for you. With all natural vegan products starting from $9.95 where can you go wrong?

4. DeLorenzo

DeLorenzo is an Australian owned family business, staying true to its core values DeLorenzo has always had a natural approach to hair care and manufacture all of their products on Australian shores. This great brand offers very low prices for the quality they provide. With prices starting from $7.95 for a natural, quality hair care product, this extremely affordable brand is perfect for proper hair care with a budget in mind.

5. Juuce

Juuce ‘for thirsty hair’ is professional hair care at the cutting edge of Australian salons. Infused with natural Australian botanicals, Juuce shampoos and conditioners are all sulphate free, paraben free and vegan-friendly. If you’re after some serious hair care at an affordable price point Juuce may be your new best friend, with products starting from $11.99 with nothing over $60

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