The overnight product that thickens thin hair

I'm a thin haired girl, and quite frankly it's been hard for my hair to have any amount of volume or thickness in my hair. Just over three years ago my hair was in the worst condition it's ever been in and my goal was to grow it out and finally have thicker hair. I'm not one for a lot of morning prep so texturising products and sprays never worked for me, I just want to brush my hair and go. So if you're anything like me this overnight treatment is perfect if you want to have a stress free process to thicker and denser hair. 

If you haven't already heard about the Nioxin Intensive Treatment Night Density Rescue Serum it's a leave-in treatment that's proven to promote hair density by reducing hair fall and by improving scalp oxidation (promoting new hairs). Probably one of the best hair densifying products on the market the Intensive hair treatment will increase the overall thickness of your hair and actually create more volume giving your hair a thicker and fuller look.  

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- Leave-in treatment to reduce hair fall
- Improves hair density
- Reduces hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation
- NIOXYDINE24 Technology: a powerful blend of antioxidants known to neutralise free radicals on the surface of the scalp


How to use
- Use the pipette to take the product out of the bottle.
- Starting in the middle of the head and moving from front to back, use the pipette to divide the hair and release one drop every 2–3 cm.
- Move to the left or right side of the head. Use the pipette to divide the hair and apply a drop every 2–3 cm.
- Repeat on the opposite side of the head.
- Using your hands, softly massage the head, spreading your fingers to touch every area of the scalp. Add a little pressure to ensure the scalp moves with your fingers in a circular motion.
-After massage, gently brush the hair.



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