The charcoal hair trend we love

We've all heard about detoxifying your skin or going on a detox because you ate too much over Christmas, but what about detoxifying your hair? Strange? Well it's the latest hair trend that we're raving about!

When I first looked into this trend I thought that it wasn't going to work on my hair... until I tried it. Detoxifying your hair is for anyone who wants to removed impurities from your hair or scalp, remove product build up and have cleaner hair for longer. It also adds tones of volume and leaves your hair naturally textured which makes styling it so much easier.   

While searching for a charcoal product that would work on almost all hair types the Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo was the one that worked perfectly on my hair and my friends hair. The shampoo has an intense lather that helps absorb impurities and product build up. After using it once your hair will feel rejuvenated and restore your natural shine.  


What's the benefits?

- It's Sulfate free

- No parabens 

- Colour safe for anyone who's dyed their hair

- Perfect for keratin treated hair

Key Ingredients: Granulated Charcoal, Bamboo Extract, Keratin  


Need directions? 


Rinse your hair, lather with the shampoo, rinse out and use a conditioner of your choice!




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